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Sony 54-megapixel camera could be launched early next year


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Sony will reportedly introduce two new big-megapixel cameras in 2015, one of them featuring a 46-megapixel sensor and the other one employing an impressive 54-megapixel sensor.

A lot more cameras and lenses were expected from Sony at Photokina 2014. However, the company has “failed” to meet the demands of the users at the world’s largest digital imaging event, as only two new FE-mount optics have become official, while other FE-mount optics have only been previewed at the trade fair.

The rumor mill promises that better news is coming at the beginning of 2015, while Sony promises that the A-mount is not dead. Before confirming any other details, the gossip talks are working in our favor and they are claiming that two new shooters will become official within six months.

The products in question are unnamed, but they are said to feature 46-megapixel and 54-megapixel full frame sensors, respectively.

sony-a7r Sony 54-megapixel camera could be launched early next year Rumors

Sony A7R has the highest-resolution sensor out of all Sony cameras. However, its status could be claimed by new 46-megapixel and 54-megapixel cameras sometime in early 2015.

Sony expected to introduce 46-megapixel full frame camera in January 2015

While Canon is rumored to introduce a big-megapixel DSLR in October 2015, a Sony high-resolution shooter is coming sometime in January 2015. The device does not have a name yet and its lens mount is also unknown.

All that we know about the 46-megapixel version is that it will consist of a full frame camera. At this point it is unlikely that another FE-mount shooter is coming, so it could be safe to assume that we are facing the launch of an A-mount camera.

This version could serve as a replacement for the A99, but it could also be placed below the A99, as the second model will employ an even higher resolution.

Sony 54-megapixel camera is allegedly on track for an early 2015 launch

The second Sony big-megapixel camera will employ a 54-megapixel full frame sensor. This one is another candidate to replace the flagship A-mount camera: the A99.

It is supposed to become official slightly after the 46-megapixel version, but the opposite thing could also occur, so do not jump into conclusions just yet.

The Sony 54-megapixel camera will feature a brand new autofocus system, which will consist of 2,460 focus points. All these points are said to cover about 78% of the frame, therefore the AF system should perform really well.

If this is the company’s second high-resolution camera of 2015, then it will become official sometime in February. As usual, take the information with a grain of salt and stick with us for more!

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