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Sony 8K camera could be announced in early 2016


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Sony is rumored to be developing a new camcorder that would compete against the 6K-ready Arri Alexa 65 by recording videos at 8K resolution.

ARRI has recently introduced the Alexa 65, an amazing camcorder with a 65mm sensor, which is about three times bigger than a Super 35mm sensor. The device has been rumored several times before becoming official along with its 6K video recording capabilities.

Although a month has passed since its introduction, the Alexa 65 continues to gather mostly positive reviews. As a result, the competition will not sit back and relax while ARRI is drawing all the plaudits.

It appears that Sony is developing a competitor that is based on the design of the A-mount A99 shooter that includes a vertical grip, but the PlayStation maker will not stop at 6K resolution. Instead, the talk of the town says that its shooter will support 8K video recording.

sony-a7s Sony 8K camera could be announced in early 2016 Rumors

The Sony A7S mirrorless camera is capable of recording 4K videos to an external recorder. Sony will allegedly up its game courtesy of a new camera which could capture videos at 8K resolution.

Sony 8K camera could tackle the 6K-ready ARRI Alexa 65 in 2016

The consumer market is not the only segment of the entire digital imaging market. Broadcasting and cinematography are also important parts where ARRI and RED are some of the most popular Sony rivals.

As stated above, the ARRI Alexa 65 has been announced recently with 6K video support. Sony will reportedly top ARRI’s innovative shooter with a version of its own. However, the future camcorder by the Japanese company will capture movies at even higher resolutions.

The Sony 8K camera would not be released anytime soon. In fact, it will reportedly become official at the beginning of 2016, if development goes well. This means that it would be released on the market in mid-2016, but this is a long-shot for now.

Sony’s current 8K prototype is based on the A99 with a built-in grip

A prototype of the device has allegedly been demoed to a possible customer: BBC. The UK-based studio could implement 8K technology when it becomes available, but Sony has only shown a basic version of the camera.

The device has been spotted during the BBC event and it has received its looks from the A99, the current flagship A-mount camera. The 8K prototype also had a vertical grip embedded. However, it is worth noting that the final version of the shooter will look different.

There are too many unknowns at this time, just like the feasibility of the 8K technology. Panasonic is also said to explore this possibility, so this could become really interesting. Stick with us to find out more!

Meanwhile, you can check out the 4K realm courtesy of the Sony A7S, which is available at Amazon for about $2,500.

Source: SonyAlphaRumors.

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