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Sony A5 release date scheduled for April 21?


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Sony is rumored to announce a cheap, entry-level E-mount mirrorless camera with a full frame image sensor, called A5, in the near future and to release it on April 21, 2015.

Ever since the introduction of the Alpha E-mount series, Sony has been rumored to launch lower-end and higher-end versions of these shooters, too. Currently, the A7R takes the crown, while the A7II is placed right below this model and the A7S is a unit aimed at videographers.

With that being said, the company is expected to introduce the A5 and the A9 models sometime in 2015. According to an unnamed source, the entry-level unit will become official in March 2015 and will begin shipping in April 2015.

sony-a5-patent Sony A5 release date scheduled for April 21? Rumors

This is the design of the Sony A5 full frame mirrorless camera, as shown in its patent application. The shooter is expected to become official in March and to be released in April.

Sony A5 release date rumored to take place on April 21, 2015

The low-end E-mount full frame camera will be “super cheap” for its capabilities and it will be revealed next month (i.e. March), claims a source who allegedly works in a Sony store.

The insider is also stating that a unit of the camera has arrived at the store and that the full frame mirrorless camera is marked as being ready for delivery as of April 21, 2015.

This is certainly a bold statement, as the device has not been announced and its release date has has already been leaked on the web. However, we will have to wait for more details before raising our hopes for a Sony A5 release date set for April 21.

For the time being, the best thing to do is to take this information with a pinch of salt and to stay tuned for more!

Low-end FE-mount mirrorless camera will sell for a price under $1,000

At this point, we know that Sony has patented a full frame mirrorless camera that looks like a device inspired by the NEX-series or cameras with APS-C sensors and E-mount lens support in late 2013.

It is very likely that the so-called A5 will not have a built-in viewfinder, meaning that users will be using only the display on the back to frame their photos and videos.

A source has also revealed that the body-only unit will retail for a price under $1,000, becoming one of the cheapest and smallest full frame interchangeable lens cameras on the market.

Stick with us in order to grab the latest news and launches as they happen!

Source: SonyAlphaRumors.

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