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Sony A58 A-mount camera to be discontinued soon


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Sony will discontinue another A-mount camera this year, as the A58 is also said to become obsolete sometime this summer in order to make room for a successor.

Until not very long ago, the Sony A58 was the newest A-mount camera. It was launched in February 2013 as a low-end model with an APS-C sensor and it took the company quite a while to release another A-mount shooter.

After Sony launched E-mount cameras under the “Alpha” branding, including full frame mirrorless models, many have feared that the A-mount is dead and gone. However, the Sony A77 II has been revealed at the beginning of May and those fears have been washed away.

Sony has been rumored to discontinue the A99 this summer and now it seems like the low-end Sony A58 will also reach the end of its life sometime in the following weeks or months.

sony-slt-a58 Sony A58 A-mount camera to be discontinued soon Rumors

The Sony SLT-A58 camera is set to be discontinued this summer, source says.

Sony A58 A-mount camera set to be discontinued sometime this summer

A source who has been right in the past is claiming that Sony will discontinue the A58 soon. The source has not mentioned whether the A99 is getting discontinued, too, nor that an A58 replacement is on its way.

Usually, when a camera reaches the end of its cycle, a successor will be announced. Moreover, other trusted sources have previously said that the SLT shooter will be replaced sometime this year, unlike the A65, which will never be succeeded by another unit.

The same thing can be said about the A99. One source said that it will be discontinued during this summer in order to pave the way for the Sony A99 II launch, which could take place at the Photokina 2014 or a few weeks before world’s largest digital imaging event.

Meanwhile, Amazon is selling the Sony A58 A-mount camera for a price around $450, an amount which includes an 18-55m kit lens.

New Sony RX-series and E-mount cameras could be announced this year

There are plenty of other goodies being readied by the PlayStation manufacturer. It seems like at least one new RX-series camera will be unveiled soon. It may be a replacement for the full frame RX1 / RX1R or for the bridge-like RX10.

Another new model is a NEX-5-like E-mount camera with a full frame sensor. Additionally, the rumor mill has mentioned that the NEX-5T successor could be in development, as the current version will also be discontinued this summer.

These are all unconfirmed reports therefore you will have to take them with a pinch of salt and to stay tuned to our website for more information!

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