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Sony A6000 replacement delayed due to overheating issues


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The rumor mill is reporting that Sony has delayed the launch of a successor to the A6000 because the E-mount mirrorless camera was overheating when recording 4K videos.

Once the Sony A6000 took the place of the NEX-6, the rumor mill reported that the NEX-7 may be replaced by the A7000. There was one source who said that the A6000 served as a successor to both the NEX-6 and NEX-7. With each passing moment, it appears that this is actually the truth. New information has showed up on the web, which says that the Sony A6000 replacement, called A7000, has been delayed due to some overheating issues.

sony-a6000 Sony A6000 replacement delayed due to overheating issues Rumors

The successor to the Sony A6000 is said to have heating issues when recording 4K videos, therefore its release has been postponed.

Sony A6000 replacement has issues, so it has been delayed, sources say

First of all, the sources are focusing on the Sony A6000 replacement. A couple of insiders are claiming that this E-mount mirrorless camera has had its launch postponed, so its release date is unknown even to the company’s employees.

The second source adds the fact that there is a problem with the upcoming model. Apparently, the camera’s software is crashing in 4K video mode due to overheating issues. It is unclear whether the sensor or the image processor cannot handle the heat.

Nevertheless, Sony will definitely launch a successor to the A6000 at some point in the future. According to these insiders, the manufacturer is planning to bring 4K video support to its E-mount shooters with APS-C sensors, but we should wait and see if the engineers manage to fix its problems.

Sony A7000 is the rumored name of the A6000 successor

The name of the Sony A6000 replacement is said to be “A7000”. This is a slap in the face for the photographers still waiting for an NEX-7 successor. However, it is also a pride boost to the source who said that the A6000 is substituting both the NEX-6 and NEX-7.

It was mid-February 2014 when the PlayStation maker unveiled the A6000. An heir was expected to come out in 2015, but potential buyers will have to put their desires on hold and to buy the current model, which is available for about $550 at Amazon.

There is still a chance that these rumors are not actually referring to the A6000 replacement and that the A7000 in question is the NEX-7 successor. Either way, these are still gossip talks and until the A6100 or A7000 comes out, you will have to stay tuned for mode details!

Source: SonyAlphaRumors.

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