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Sony A7R replacement rumored to be unveiled in May, again


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Sony is rumored to announce a new E-mount mirrorless camera sometime around the middle of May 2015 and to begin shipping the product in June.

After introducing the successor to the A7 in late 2015, Sony has been rumored to be working on a replacement to the A7R as well. The general consensus within the grapevine is that the mirrorless camera will be unveiled in May and that it will be released in June.

Sony rumors are common these days and they are surfacing on a weekly basis. The latest one says that a brand new E-mount mirrorless camera will be introduced in mid-May and that it will be released on the market by the end of June. As this information is similar to previous A7RII details, the product in question may well be the Sony A7R replacement.

sony-a7rii-rumors Sony A7R replacement rumored to be unveiled in May, again Rumors

Sony A7R camera will be succeeded by the A7RII in mid-May 2015, source says.

Sony A7R replacement once again slated to be announced in May and released in June

There are too many sources claiming that the PlayStation maker will hold a product launch event in May, which are joined by the claims that the upcoming mirrorless camera will become available in June.

It would be surprising for the product to not become official soon, but we should not rule out any possibilities for the time being. As for the Sony A7R replacement, the shooter will most likely come packed with a similar 36.4-megapixel full frame sensor as its predecessor, but it will employ an in-body image stabilization technology, just like the A7II.

Another improvement could be a faster image processor in order to allow the camera to capture more frames per second in continuous shooting mode. More specs will probably become available a few days prior to the official announcement event, which means that you will have to stay tuned for more.

What possibilities are there beside the Sony A7RII?

It is worth nothing that the source could have said that a new FE-mount shooter will emerge in order to properly reflect the A7RII.

Although FE-mount cameras are compatible with E-mount lenses, Sony is still making E-mount cameras and optics, so it would be better for the gossip talks to refer to A7RII as an FE-mount model in order to avoid confusion.

In recent times, Sony has been rumored to have delayed the launch of a new A6000 or A7000-series camera due to the fact that it overheats when recording 4K videos. The A6000 is an E-mount camera with an APS-C sensor and its successor could also come out soon despite its problems.

New A-mount, RX-series, and some compact cameras are expected to become official in the second part of April, during the 2015 World Photography Awards in London. Stay close to Camyx for more information!

Source: SonyAlphaRumors.

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