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Sony A7RII rumored to be announced within weeks


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Sony is allegedly preparing to announce a high-end mirrorless camera with a full frame sensor. The model in question is thought to be the A7R Mark II, which has been leaked previously under the name of A9.

A new source is claiming that Sony will hold a major announcement event within a few weeks. The Japan-based company is reportedly planning to reveal a new high-end camera, which is supposed to be the replacement for the A7R.

The mirrorless camera with a full frame sensor is referred to as the Mark II version of the flagship FE-mount series and it will most likely be sold under the Sony A7RII tag.

sony-a7r-replacement Sony A7RII rumored to be announced within weeks Rumors

The Sony A7R mirrorless camera is rumored to be replaced by the A7RII within the next few weeks.

Sony A7RII mirrorless camera could be announced as A7R replacement in a few weeks

A person, who is believed to be familiar with Sony’s internal affairs, has revealed that the chatter surrounding the launch of a high-end MILC has intensified and that the PlayStation maker will hold a product launch event soon.

The announcement is said to take place within weeks and to include a high-end Alpha-series mirrorless camera. The source says that this is the A7R successor and that it will become available as the Sony A7RII.

This means that the Japanese manufacturer will keep the naming scheme revealed along with the A7II, which has replaced the A7 at the end of 2014.

There is no mention of possible specifications, albeit industry watchers can be sure that this will be a big-megapixel camera. Usually, a price drop is signalling that a successor is inbound, but the price of the A7R remains at about $2,100 at Amazon.

Sony may still work on a higher-end A9-series aimed at professional sports photographers

The source is also speculating about the other possibilities surrounding this camera. It is said that there is a chance that the Sony A9 rumors have been wrong and that they are actually referring to the Sony A7RII.

Nevertheless, the insider is claiming that the company may choose to reveal two models in the future. This would mean that previous rumors are true and that Sony is working on a new Alpha-series, which would be aimed at professional photographers who need a sports camera with a high-speed burst mode.

Either way, we can agree that there is a lot of uncertainty regarding Sony’s plans for its full frame mirrorless camera line-up. A different source has said that a low-end series is coming, too, under the name of Sony A5.

All we can do is to wait for more information before drawing any conclusions, so stay tuned!

Source: SonyAlphaRumors.

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