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Sony A7RII launch date rumored to take place “soon”


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Sony is once again rumored to reveal a successor to the A7R in the near future, which could be called A7RII and which will feature a 50-megapixel image sensor.

In mid-January, a source has claimed that the Sony A7RII launch date is scheduled to take place within a couple of weeks.

At this point, it is unlikely that the full frame mirrorless camera will be announced within a week, but another source is claiming that the device is actually coming “soon”.

sony-a7rii-launch-date-rumor Sony A7RII launch date rumored to take place "soon" Rumors

Sony A7R is rumored to be replaced soon by the so-called Sony A7RII, which will feature a 50-megapixel sensor.

Sony A7RII launch date expected to be set for CP+ 2015 or this Spring

The most popular question when someone says that something is coming soon is: how soon is soon? The answer to that always differs from person to person and, this time, soon means CP+ 2015 or even the spring of 2015.

What is certain is that this FE-mount mirrorless camera is on its way and that it will become official during the first half of 2015. Moreover, it appears that the device will come packed with a big-megapixel sensor that will capture photos at 50 megapixels.

The 50-megapixel A7RII would become one of the full frame cameras with the highest resolutions on the market alongside the recently-rumored Canon 5Ds.

For the time being, the Sony A7R comes with a big-megapixel sensor of 36.4 megapixels and is available for about $2,100 at Amazon.

If the 50-megapixel A7RII is real, then is the Sony A9 coming, too?

It is worth noting that the rumor mill has been chatting about the Sony A9 for a while now. Shorty after the A7RII codename had come to light, a trusted source pointed out that the “A9” would be the upcoming high-end FE-mount mirrorless camera and that it would be revealed later this year.

All these rumors are rather confusing at this point. It is unclear whether or not the A7RII and the A9 are the same camera. If they are the same device, then why are there such big differences between their launch events?

Judging from everything we have heard so far, they are different cameras and they will be announced during distinct events.  The A7RII will replace the A7R, while the A9 will consist of a shooter aimed at professional photographers for action, sports, and wildlife photography.

Beside the A9-series, Sony is also expected to introduce the A5, a low-end FE-mount mirrorless camera with a price tag standing under $1,000. Stay tuned for more information!

Source: MirrorlessRumors.

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