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Sony A7S 4K mirrorless camera coming at NAB Show 2014


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Sony is rumored to announce an FE-mount full frame mirrorless camera, called A7S, which will be capable of recording 4K videos, at NAB Show 2014.

The rumor mill has been giving few glimpses of a new Sony FE-mount camera. Unfortunately, we have not been able to gather much information about it, at least until now.

According to trusted sources who have been right in the past, the PlayStation maker will introduce a new mirrorless camera with a full frame sensor at the National Association of Broadcasters Show 2014.

Sony to announce 4K video recording mirrorless camera on April 6 at NAB Show 2014

sony-a7-and-a7r Sony A7S 4K mirrorless camera coming at NAB Show 2014 Rumors

Sony A7 and A7R are about to be a new FE-mount sibling. The Sony A7S is rumored to be announced on April 6 at the NAB Show 2014.

The NAB Show is usually an event where video-centric cameras draw all the attention. Camcorders are more common while other types of shooters are largely ignored at the Las Vegas event. However, Sony will combine the best of both worlds by introducing a 4K video recording MILC on April 6.

The 2014 edition of the NAB Show will begin on April 5 when some companies will hold their product launch events. The announcements will continue on April 6, the date when Sony is scheduled to reveal its products.

In addition to the new 4K camera, Sony is rumored to introduce other devices, too, but the sources have been unable to reveal anything about them.

The company’s press conference is set to start at 5PM EDT and it will be streamed live on the web. As for the visitors, they will be able to join the Las Vegas, Nevada show as of April 7.

Sony A7S will not replace other FE-mount full frame cameras

The mirrorless camera which will be unveiled by Sony is an FE-mount model. This means that it will feature a full frame image sensor and will support the new FE-mount lenses, also available for the A7 and A7R. Nevertheless, all E-mount lenses are supported, too, but they will work only in crop mode.

The name of the device is Sony A7S. It is not here to replace anybody, nor as a special version of the other two. The A7S will enter the market as a separate product and will most likely compete against the Panasonic GH4.

Although its specifications remain unknown, sources have said that it might feature a quick autofocus speed and zero-lag electronic viewfinder, just like the upcoming Sony A77II A-mount camera.

Another unknown thing is whether or not new FE-mount lenses are coming alongside the camera. As stated above, the press conference is set for April 6, so stay tuned and you will find out all the details!

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