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Sony A7S II rumored to employ a Canon XC10-like design


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Sony A7S II is rumored to come packed with a different look from its predecessor by employing a camcorder-like design, à la Canon XC10, instead of an A7-like design.

The leader in image sensor sales is Sony and it has been like this for a number of years. However, the company’s camera sales were no match for its sensor ones until the introduction of the Alpha-series FE-mount mirrorless cameras with full-frame sensors.

The A7 and A7R were the first to arrive, while the A7S was unveiled in April 2014 as a mirrorless shooter designed for videographers. Using an external recorder, the A7S is able to record 4K videos, while its sensor can normally capture up to full HD videos at an impressive maximum ISO of 409,600.

The A7 was replaced by the A7 II in late 2014 and the A7R II took A7R’s place in June 2015. This leaves us with the Sony A7S II, which has not been mentioned too many times within the rumor mill. Things are about to change as the device is on its way and it is said to have a new design that makes it look more like a camcorder than a regular camera.

canon-xc10 Sony A7S II rumored to employ a Canon XC10-like design Rumors

Sony is reportedly working on an A7S replacement, called A7S II, which will feature a Canon XC10-like design instead of an A7-series design.

Sony A7S II will allegedly feature a Canon XC10-like design

Sony’s FE-mount cameras have a similar design, so it is pretty hard to tell the A7S apart from the A7R or A7 when looking at them from a considerable distance. It seems like the PlayStation maker will correct this “problem” by introducing a new design for the A7S replacement.

According to a source, the Sony A7S II will have a Canon XC10-like design. The shooter will be bulkier as well as heavier, but it will be more ergonomic and easier to hold, so that videographers can have a better grip and quicker access to controls during prolonged video shoots.

The insider noted that the upcoming FE-mount full-frame mirrorless camera would have a hand grip that is inspired by the Sony FS7 camcorder. This way, users will be able to mount it on shoulder jibs, just like a professional videographer.

The Canon XC10 is not an interchangeable lens camera and the Sony A7S II will not compete against it. For now, we can only hope that the design change will be joined by the ability to record 4K videos internally. Keen an eye on Camyx for further information!

Source: SonyAlphaRumors.

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