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Sony A7S release date and price said to be July and $1,800


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The release date and price of the Sony A7S mirrorless camera capable of shooting 4K videos are once again on the lips of gossipers, as the device should become available this July for about $1,800.

In early April, Sony announced the company’s first mirrorless interchangeable lens camera with a full frame image sensor that can record 4K videos.

The Sony A7S is now official with the promise to compete against the Panasonic GH4 and other upcoming cameras that will shoot movies at 4K resolution.

The problem is that the PlayStation maker has not revealed any availability details. The launch date and the price tag of the A7S are still unknown, but the rumor mill is back with some more information and it seems like we will find out everything we want to know on May 15.

Sony A7S release date and price are July 2014 and $1,800, respectively, sources say

sony-a7s-release-date-rumor Sony A7S release date and price said to be July and $1,800 Rumors

The newest Sony A7S release date rumor is claiming that the mirrorless camera will become available in July for $1,800.

There are numerous sources claiming that the Sony A7S release date and price will be announced on May 15. It is said that the company will hold a special event to introduce the new Sony RX100M3 compact camera, while the availability details of the A7S FE-mount shooter will become official, too.

The release date is rumored to be July 2014, meaning that the device will not be released by the end of June as a lot of photographers would have hoped.

As for the price of the mirrorless camera, gossip talks are placing it around the $1,800 mark. This is something that we have heard in the past, but it remains just an unconfirmed report so take it with a pinch of salt.

About the Sony A7S

Sony A7S is a proven low-light beast. It offers a maximum ISO sensitivity of 409,600 and the early tests have shown that this device is essentially giving you night-vision capabilities.

Its full frame image sensor has 12.2 megapixels and the camera is powered by a BIONZ X image processor.

This device is often compared to the Panasonic GH4, which is available at Amazon for about $1,700. The biggest difference between the two is that the Panasonic camera can record 4K videos on its card whereas the Sony model requires an external recorder.

There are voices claiming that the A7S should be significantly cheaper than the GH4 because the Atomos Shogun (an external recorder compatible with the A7S) will cost a little under $2,000, meaning that the whole 4K video recording kit will not be nearly as small and affordable as the GH4.

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