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Sony A7X, NEX-9, RX2R, and QX1 listed on Chinese website


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A Chinese website is currently listing four unannounced Sony cameras, such as the QX1, A7X, NEX-9, and RX2R, which are all rumored to be unveiled at Photokina 2014.

One of the most popular websites in China, called, has begun listing four Sony products. However, the only problem is that none of these device has been unveiled until now, as they are expected to become official in the following days prior to Photokina 2014.

The four cameras are, as follows: QX1, A7X, NEX-9, and RX2R.

four-sony-cameras Sony A7X, NEX-9, RX2R, and QX1 listed on Chinese website Rumors

Chinese website,, is listing these four unannounced Sony cameras. The QX1, A7X, NEX-9, and RX2R are all rumored to be present at Photokina 2014.

Sony QX1 rumored to feature APS-C sensor and E-mount lens support

The first on the list is the Sony ILCE-QX1, which is rumored to be a lens-style camera. Its name has already been mentioned on the website of a Russian agency, where it has been “confirmed” to be the first QX-series model with support for E-mount lenses.

Both the QX10 and QX100, launched in 2013, can be considered compact cameras because they do not allow users to switch lenses. However, the Sony QX1 will feature an APS-C-sized image sensor and will support E-mount optics.

As usual, the device will retain its ability to be attached to smartphones, just like its predecessors. The QX1 uses a smartphone or a tablet as a Live View, but we should mention that it does not necessarily need to be mounted onto a mobile device in order to work, as users can set it in one place and control it remotely.

Sony might also introduce the QX30, a fixed-lens module with 30x optical zoom, meaning that we might get two models, just like in 2013.

Sony A7X will allegedly come packed with a 50-megapixel full frame sensor

The Japan-based manufacturer is rumored to reveal another E-mount camera with a full frame sensor at Photokina 2014. It seems like the device could be named Sony A7X, according to

Inside sources have said that the upcoming FE-mount shooter will actually be an entry-level model. However, the listing claims that the A7X features a 50-megapixel sensor, therefore it is very unlikely that it will be aimed at low-end users.

The A7R features a 36.4-megapixel sensor, so we should take into consideration the fact that this is the model which will be replaced by the A7X and which will feature a continuous shooting mode of up to 6fps.

Sony NEX-9 to become the flagship E-mount camera with APS-C sensor at Photokina 2014

The third camera is called Sony NEX-9. Just when we thought that the “NEX” brand is dead, the Japanese company is back with another model in this category.

Recently, a source has claimed that we should not rule out the possibility that Sony is making a NEX-7 replacement. By the looks of it, the NEX-9 is the device in question and will sport on-sensor image stabilization technology, most likely “borrowed” from Sony’s partner, Olympus.

Sony RX2R could be world’s first digital camera with a curved sensor

Last but not least, the Sony RX2R is rumored to serve as a replacement for the RX1R, a compact camera that features a full frame sensor without an anti-aliasing filter.

During the past few months, Sony has been rumored to be working on a compact shooter with a curved full frame sensor. The technology is already official, but it remains to be seen whether or not the RX2R will be the first curved sensor camera in the world.

Previously, the device has been rumored under the names of RX1s or RX2.

All these cameras should become official sometime within the next few days. This is why you should stay tuned, as we will report the news as soon as it happens!

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