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Sony A88 and A99II A-mount cameras to be announced this year


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Sony is rumored to launch two new A-mount cameras, which will be called A88 and A99II, by the end of 2014, with Photokina as the most likely timeframe for the announcement.

At the beginning of May 2014, Sony unveiled its first A-mount camera after a one-year hiatus. The Sony A77 II has been announced as a minor evolution of the A77 and the new A-mount camera will be released this June for a price starting at $1,200.

Shortly after the A77 II launch event, the rumor mill has revealed that the Sony A65 replacement is not in development and will never make it to the market. This means that the remainder of the A-mount, consisting of the low-end A58 and the high-end A99, will be replaced sometime in the future.

According to the rumor mill, two new Sony A-mount cameras will be revealed by the end of 2014. One of them is a low-end model, while the other one is a high-end one. This sounds familiar and makes us believe that the aforementioned pair could be succeeded by new models this year.

Sony rumored to unveil two A-mount cameras by the end of this year

sony-a58-and-a99 Sony A88 and A99II A-mount cameras to be announced this year Rumors

Sony A58 and A99 cameras have been rumored to be replaced in the future, unlike the A65 A-mount camera. The rumor mill is claiming that the A88 and A99II are coming in 2014, so they could substitute the pictured pair.

An anonymous source has shared the information that Sony will update the A-mount line-up by the end of this year. Unfortunately, the details do not come from sources who have been right in the past. However, this does not mean that we will have to rule out the possibility of seeing two new A-mount Single Lens Translucent cameras in 2014.

The specifications of the low-end and high-end units have not been mentioned. Nevertheless, the source is claiming that both devices will represent “major technological advancements” when compared to their predecessors.

This would be a different situation from the A77 II, which is packing minor improvements when compared to the A77. Among the features of the A77 II we can find a 24.3-megapixel APS-C sensor, 79-point Phase Detection AF system, built-in OLED electronic viewfinder, tilting LCD screen, and integrated WiFi.

Sony A88 and Sony A99II are the names of the upcoming A-mount cameras

The source is claiming that the two products will be called Sony A88 and Sony A99II. The former will be the entry-level model, while the latter will be the flagship A-mount shooter, although both are said to become official at the Photokina 2014 in September.

It is pretty clear that the A99II will replace the A99 and that it will feature a full frame image sensor. However, the A88 may not serve as a replacement for the A58 and it may not offer a full frame sensor.

The A58 sports an APS-C sensor, while the A88 is said to offer a full frame one. Nevertheless, this would not place it in the low-end market. As it can be seen, there are so many unknowns about this rumor, therefore take it with a grain of salt!

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