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Sony A9 announcement date is further than first rumored


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A trusted source is claiming that the Sony A9 announcement date is not scheduled to take place sooner than March, while stating that it will definitely be released by the end of 2015.

There has been a lot of chatter surrounding an upcoming Sony FE-mount mirrorless camera with a big-megapixel image sensor. The device has been referred to as the A9 and has been said to be released sometime in the first part of 2015.

In recent times, one source has said that the PlayStation maker is planning to release the A7RII as a replacement for the A7R, but has said that it is unclear whether the A9 is a different model or not.

It is hard to find reliable information through a lot of gossip talks. However, a trusted source has decided to shed some light over the high-end FE-mount camera by stating that such device, be it the A7RII or A9, is not coming before March, as previously speculated.

sony-a9-announcement-date Sony A9 announcement date is further than first rumored Rumors

Sony A9, which may replace the A7R instead of the A7RII, is not coming as soon as initially thought, but it will be released this year.

Sony A9 announcement date will not take place before March

The source has confirmed that the company is indeed planning to launch a high-end E-mount mirrorless camera with a high-megapixel full frame sensor. A name has not been provided, but it seems like the A9 is the most likely candidate for the job.

It is said that the device will not be revealed before March 2015. However, the Sony A9 announcement date is actually further than first thought. The only good thing is that the camera is coming in 2015.

These leaks are ruling out an A7RII launch at CP+ 2015, albeit they are not a reason to jump to conclusions, yet. More information is needed, so you will have to wait until mid-February to see if the A7RII is real or not.

What is Sony planning to reveal in the near future?

It appears that the company’s focus is on FE-mount lenses. Sony has previously promised that more than 20 such models will be available for photographers by the end of this year.

The highly-trusted source, who is allegedly getting information from a Sony manager, says that the company new FE-mount lenses are coming soon along with the availability details of some units that can be found on the official roadmap.

Another interesting piece of information is the fact that the large filter size of FE-mount optics is a deliberate design trait. This is helpful for videographers and the manufacturer wants to make its mount suitable for both videography and photography purposes.

Source: SonyAlphaRumors.

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