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Sony A9 E-mount full frame camera registered in Indonesia


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A new Sony E-mount mirrorless camera with a full frame image sensor, possibly called Sony A9, has been registered at an Indonesian agency, while the company is also rumored to launch a 400mm f/4 lens for A-mount cameras.

As the world’s largest digital imaging event is approaching, we are expecting to receive an influx of details from the rumor mill.

There are less than two months left until the beginning of the Photokina 2014, so we will have to pay more attention to the sources who have already proven that are capable of leaking accurate information.

The latest details are hinting at a new Sony E-mount full frame camera, whose codename has been leaked on Postel’s website, an Indonesian agency famous for this kind of leaks.

Furthermore, it appears that a Sony 400mm f/4 telephoto lens for A-mount cameras is also on track to be announced sometime this year.

Sony A9 FE-mount camera may have been registered at an Indonesian agency

sony-a9-codename Sony A9 E-mount full frame camera registered in Indonesia Rumors

Sony A9 could be the FE-mount camera spotted at Postel bearing the “WW024382” codename.

The rumor mill has repeatedly claimed that new Sony FE-mount cameras will be introduced sometime around the Photokina 2014. Such claims may be backed by the fact that a Sony shooter, codenamed WW024382, has been registered at an Indonesian agency.

A similar codename has been used for both the A7 and A7R models, the first photography-bound E-mount cameras with full frame sensors.

The new device will be manufactured in Thailand, just like the Sony A5100, another E-mount MILC which has been spotted on Postel’s website.

A retail name for the “WW024382” model has not been provided. However, a top source is speculating that we may be looking at the Sony A9, which should be a “high-end” mirrorless camera.

We should point out the fact that the A7 and A7R will not be replaced by the A9, so we need more information before drawing a conclusion.

Sony 400mm f/4 lens for A-mount cameras is allegedly in the works

Meanwhile, here is more proof that Sony has not abandoned the A-mount series. A super telephoto lens with a focal length of 400mm and a maximum aperture of f/4 is reportedly in development.

The Sony 400mm f/4 G lens will become official later in 2014, therefore we should not expect it to be unveiled at the Photokina 2014.

It will become a follow-up to the 500mm f/4 G A-mount lens, which is available for about $13,000 at B&H PhotoVideo.

If this rumor turns into a reality, then Sony should probably sell the 400mm f/4 lens at a smaller price than the 500mm f/4 version.

As usual, stick with us because we will deliver more information as soon as we receive it!

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