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Sony A9 mirrorless camera to offer unlimited RAW shooting


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The gossip mill is once again mentioning a camera called Sony A9, which will be placed above the A7-series and which will be aimed at professional sports photographers.

Sony A9 is a camera with a lot of history in the rumor mill. This device has been mentioned many times by various sources, who never agreed on the camera’s type and its specifications.

Well, the product has returned to the grapevine after a one-year hiatus, courtesy of a trusted source, who has shared accurate details in the past. The insider is claiming that the A9 will become the company’s flagship mirrorless camera, while sharing some of its specifications.

Sony working on an A9-mirrorless camera with DSLR-inspired design

Leaksters have always said that the A9 will be a professional camera aimed at action and sports photographers. Although some said that it consists of a FE-mount mirrorless camera, while others said that it will be a DSLR-like A-mount shooter, they all said that it will be a fast camera.

sony-a7-and-a7r-mirrorless-cameras Sony A9 mirrorless camera to offer unlimited RAW shooting Rumors

Sony A7 and A7R are the company’s first FE-mount MILCs. Their series will be demoted from flagship status after the launch of the Sony A9 mirrorless camera.

This trusted source is now able to clarify all inconsistencies. First of all, the Sony A9 is a mirrorless camera. It will support FE-mount lenses and will have a full-frame sensor. It will be placed above the A7 and A7R series, essentially becoming the flagship FE-mount MILC.

Nevertheless, the device will not have a conventional design for a mirrorless camera. Instead, it will be bigger and will resemble the PlayStation maker’s A-mount Single Lens Translucent cameras that look like DSLRs.

As it is aimed at professional photographers, they will likely enjoy the design. The grip will be bigger, so the camera will be easier and more comfortable to hold during extended photo shoots.

Sony A9 mirrorless camera to feature dual XQD memory card slots

Getting back to the speed of the camera, the source confirmed that it will have dual memory card slots. Both slots will support only XQD cards. There will be no support for CFast and it is speculated that other memory card types will not be supported, too.

The good thing about this is that the upcoming Sony A9 mirrorless camera will be capable of capturing unlimited RAW photos in continuous shooting mode. Yes, this is correct: the next-gen FE-mount flagship will not take any breaks to buffer, it will simply keep on taking photos.

This would be quite amazing if true, but we are not given any timeframe for the release date. As the details are quite scarce, we do not expect it to become official in the near future. Just like with all rumors, take this one with a pinch of salt.

Source: SonyAlphaRumors.

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