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Sony A99 replacement will not have revolutionary specs


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Sony will not revolutionize the A-mount line-up as the A99II will become just an evolution of the A99, which is a situation similar to the one of the A77 and A77II cameras.

The fears that Sony will abandon the A-mount series are growing with each day passing by. Although the company has just introduced the 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 G SSM II lens, users are still fearing that this line-up will be eventually abandoned in order to allow the Japanese maker to focus entirely on E-mount cameras and lenses.

Well, Sony has repeatedly reaffirmed its love for the A-mount and the rumor mill is claiming that a new shooter is on its way. The device in question will replace the A99 and will be called A99II, but it will not represent a major overhaul over its predecessor, as initially believed.

sony-a99-a-mount Sony A99 replacement will not have revolutionary specs Rumors

Sony A99 A-mount camera will be replaced by the A99II, which will be an evolution of its predecessor.

Sony A99 replacement is coming in 2015 and will not be a revolution when compared to predecessor

It appears that there is a good reason why the Sony A99 replacement will be called A99II. The upcoming flagship A-mount camera will not be a revolution, instead being an evolution of the current model.

This means that it will not employ game-changing features, such as a Z-shift sensor or a multi-layered sensor, as some gossip talks have suggested in the past.

The company has patented Z-shift mechanisms, allowing users to change the distance between the lens mount and the sensor, but it does not seem like such technology is coming in the A99II.

Additionally, the technology that resembles Sigma Foveon-like sensors with multiple layers of pixels will not be added to the Sony A99 replacement.

The situation will resemble the launch of the A77 II, which has replaced the A77 with a new sensor and processor, but neither was such a major improvement over its predecessor.

Evolutionary path has been the way to go in 2014 instead of the revolutionary one

Almost all digital imaging companies have chosen to launch an “evolution” of their past cameras in recent times, instead of adding revolutionary technologies or major improvements to their shooters.

Nikon has done it with the D4S and D810, Canon has done it with the 7D Mark II, Fujifilm has done it with the X100T, while Sony has done it with the A77 II and the new A7 II.

Nevertheless, the PlayStation maker has been trying hard during the past few years, as the E-mount full frame cameras and the QX lens-style shooters have been commended for their technological prowess during their launch events in 2013.

Furthermore, Sony will release new A9-series E-mount mirrorless cameras with full frame sensors that will be aimed at professional photographers in early 2015. This means that we should not expect all cameras to be revolutionary, as sometimes these solutions are not feasible.

Stay tuned to find out more information about Sony’s future plans!

Source: SonyAlphaRumors.

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