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Sony A99 replacement coming within the next few months


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The Sony A99 replacement is rumored to be announced within a few months, as the current flagship A-mount camera will be discontinued as of November 30.

Sony offers two interchangeable lens camera systems to photographers. E-mount is aimed at enthusiasts, while A-mount has been designed with professionals in mind. The flagship device of both lineups is the SLT-A99, an A-mount shooter.

sony-a99 Sony A99 replacement coming within the next few months Rumors

Sony A99 is the company’s flagship A-mount camera. Although only one year has passed since its introduction, the device is rumored to be discontinued on November 30 and replaced within the next few months.

Sony A99 to be discontinued on November 30

Although flagship devices should be replaced at a slower pace than their entry-level counterparts, it seems like Sony thinks otherwise.

Earlier this year it has been speculated that the company will ditch the Single-Lens Translucent technology in favor of the mirrorless system. A new rumor is in town and it claims that the first thing to happen is the Sony A99’s discontinuation.

Moreover, the gossip talk has even managed to get its imaginary hands on an exact date, therefore we can say that the SLT-A99 exits out of production as of November 30, 2013.

This may be too soon for Sony’s highest-end camera, which has become official in September 2012. People who have purchased this product will not be happy about their camera becoming obsolete only one year after its arrival. However, Nikon is in a similar situation, as the D600 has recently been removed from the Minimum Authorized Price list.

Sony A99 replacement rumored to be announced next year

When a camera gets discontinued it means that a successor is pretty close. So far, there are no relevant details about the Sony A99 replacement, but earlier this year it has been said that a lot of new A-mount shooters will be introduced throughout 2014.

One of them is the A77 substitute which will be called A79. It will come packed with a new 32-megapixel sensor, integrated electronic viewfinder, 4GB buffer, up to 14fps in continuous shooting mode, and a 480-point AF system.

Meanwhile, Amazon is selling the A77 for $898 and the A99 for $2,798, respectively.

Multiple Sony E-mount and A-mount cameras coming soon

Sony is planning to launch plenty of other cameras within the next four to six months. The long-rumored E-mount full frame shooter is coming in the middle of October under one of these names: NEX-9, A9, or ILCE-9.

The RX10 is said to be a compact camera that will fall somewhere between the RX100 II and RX1R. The list continues with a DSLR-like E-mount shooter that will pack a moving image sensor, capable of fully supporting lenses from Nikon, Canon, and Pentax.

Nevertheless, it is worth mentioning that all of these are rumors, meaning that there is a slight possibility that they will not become a reality.

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