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Sony A99 successor and A79 to be released in early 2014


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The Sony A99 successor and the A79 will be announced within the following months and the two A-mount cameras will become available on the market in early 2014.

Sony is rumored to introduce multiple cameras over the next few months. There is a long list of devices waiting to become official and to enter the market, with the NEX-9 full frame and the NEX-7R APS-C E-mount shooters leading the way.

Lately, sources have also dropped a few hints regarding the company’s A-mount lineup. There is absolutely no chance for Sony to kill the A-mount series, like some photographers feared after the A3000 launch.

In fact, the PlayStation maker has high hopes for its higher-end cameras that compete against Nikon and Canon DSLRs. According to people familiar with the matter, the Sony A99 successor and the A79 are both on track to be unveiled and released in the following months.

sony-a99-successor Sony A99 successor and A79 to be released in early 2014 Rumors

Sony A99 successor is rumored to be announced and released in early 2014 along with the A79, the A77 replacement.

Sony A99 successor, A9x, and A77 replacement, A79, coming early next year

Sony is rumored to discontinue the A99 in late November. As a result, a replacement should be announced to take over the A-mount reigns. Its name is not yet known, but it is referred to as A9x.

The Sony A99 successor might feature a 36-megapixel sensor with a built-in 4-million-dot OLED viewfinder. Color accuracy and autofocus speeds are said to be great, therefore photographers will certainly pay more attention to the A-mount when looking to buy a high-end camera.

On the other hand, the Sony A79 is said to succeed the A77. The camera will pack a 32-megapixel APS-C sensor, built-in EVF, and an autofocus system with 480 points among others.

Sources are confirming that both cameras will be announced soon and that they will hit the stores in early 2014. It would not be surprising if they come at the next Consumer Electronics Show and get released in February or March next year.

Sony A65 is now discontinued, hinting that A-mount is getting a complete makeover in 2014

Another camera that could be substituted sometime in 2014 is the Sony A65. This device has already been discontinued by the Japan-based company.

It is only a matter of time until the corporation decides to refresh its A-mount series of shooters. Sony will ditch the SLT technology and opt for a mirrorless system with various high-megapixel sensors.

Despite receiving less attention from their parent company, the A65, A77, and A99 continue to be available at Amazon for $698, $898, and $2,798, respectively.

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