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Sony A99 successor coming in 2014 alongside many other cameras


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Sony A99 successor will be launched in early 2014 alongside multiple new A-mount and E-mount full frame and APS-C cameras.

This fall, Sony has focused on the E-mount lineup, while launching the first lens-style cameras for consumers in the world. The A3000 and NEX-5T APS-C E-mount shooters have been joined by the A7 and A7R cameras, which are also compatible with the same mount.

Although many feared this, Sony is not planning to drop the A-mount and has promised to keep launching new products, while providing support for existing users. The company has even admitted that a mid to high-end professional camera will be announced next year, although it has not said which apparatus is getting replaced.

a99 Sony A99 successor coming in 2014 alongside many other cameras Rumors

Sony will replace the A99 in 2014 with a new camera whose features are unknown for the time being.

Sony A99 successor scheduled for announcement sometime in early 2014

Thankfully, the rumor mill believes that it has the answer, as the Sony A99 successor is rumored to be released in 2014. The device will sport a full frame image sensor, while other specs are unknown.

It is worth saying that the A99 replacement does not rule out the possibility of an APS-C A-mount model that should substitute the A77 and be called A79.

Furthermore, it does not mean that other A-mount units will not be announced. The 2014 roadmap is said to be “amazing”, therefore photographers who own lenses compatible with this mount should get really excited.

Alpha-branded Sony NEX-7 replacement to be unveiled alongside two entry-level APS-C E-mount cameras next year

Sony has big plans for the E-mount as well. It seems like the first to come is the NEX-7 successor. It will drop the “NEX” branding and go for “Alpha” instead. This camera will become the high-end APS-C E-mount model.

The year will continue with at least a couple of low-end APS-C E-mount devices, putting the last nail in the coffin of the “NEX” brand. Sony will go “Alpha” as of 2014 and it remains to be seen whether this strategy will pay off or not.

Hybrid A-E-mount and new E-mount full frame cameras to complete Sony’s line-up in the following 12 months

The Sony 2014 camera roadmap will include new E-mount shooters will full frame sensors, too. At this point it is unclear whether the A7 and A7R are getting replaced or if the company is working to provide competition for some of its other rivals.

One of this year’s rumored devices was a hybrid A-E Sony camera. It is not coming this year, but we should see it in 2014. All in all, it sounds like things will get even more interesting in the following 12 months or so.

For the time being, the Sony A99 is available at Amazon for $2,798 with no price reduction in sight.

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