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Sony A99II coming soon as the A99 has been discontinued


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Sony has removed the flagship A-mount camera, called A99, from the company’s digital imaging global site, fueling the gossips that a long-rumored replacement is nearby.

The latest flagship A-mount camera was introduced by Sony at Photokina 2012. The Alpha 99 aka A99 has been expected to be replaced sometime in 2014 and there have been some rumors about the launch of the A99II at Photokina 2014.

It was not meant to be and the A99 is still here. There is no doubt that the company has been forced to delay the launch of a replacement because of the FE-mount success. E-mount cameras with full-frame sensors are at the top in the mirrorless market, so the PlayStation maker has decided to capitalize on this opportunity.

Nevertheless, the company has often stated that A-mount is not dead. For the time being, there is no clear evidence to support the launch of the Sony A99II, but things may change soon. The first step is the removal of the A99 from the manufacturer’s global website, which is the place where all of its products are listed.

Sony removes A99 A-mount camera from its website is the website where the Japan-based company is listing all of its existing products, including digital imaging ones. If a product is not there, then it means that it has been discontinued.

sony-a99-discontinued Sony A99II coming soon as the A99 has been discontinued Rumors

The Sony A99 is nowhere to be found at the company’s global website, suggesting that it has been discontinued. and that the A99II camera may be around the corner.

When a new product becomes official, it does not mean necessarily that the old one will be discontinued. It may still receive updates in the future, so the A99 removal is suspicious, especially considering the fact that it does not have a replacement, yet.

Another possibility consists of an issue with the website that may have caused the A99 to be removed from the products page. It may come back at some point, so we will keep an eye on it to see if it does.

Trusted sources: Sony A99II is coming this year

The rumor mill has previously said that the Sony A99II is still planned to become official in 2015. Moreover, it is supposed to be released by the end of this year.

There are no leaked specifications, while sources have leaked contradictory information when it comes down to this aspect. Some say that the Mark II version will be a major improvement over the A99, while others are claiming that it will be only a minor evolution of the existing generation.

Whatever it is, there are voices suggesting that its development is very close to being complete, while the company is currently studying the feasibility of such product.

Source: SonyAlphaRumors.

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