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Sony AKA-DM1 is an action camera mount for dogs


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Sony has introduced an action camera mount for dogs, allowing owners to capture footage from their pet’s point-of-view.

Extreme sports people are in love with GoPro Hero action cameras. They are very rugged and they can capture high-quality videos in most conditions. Sony is trying to grab a market share in this area, but its Action Camcorder series has not gained too much traction.

sony-aka-dm1 Sony AKA-DM1 is an action camera mount for dogs Fun

Sony AKA-DM1 camera mount for dogs will record videos from your pet’s point-of-view. It will be released in Japan on April 26.

Sony unveils AKA-DM1, an action camera mount for dogs

Everything is expected to be improved in the near future, as Sony has just revealed an action camera mount for dogs. It will allow pets owners to strap action cameras to their barky friends.

The Sony AKA-DM1 release date is April 26, 2013. It will become available only in Japan, but it is very likely that the mount will be pushed to other markets soon.

The company will sell the dog mount for 5,250 yen, which translates to roughly $53. It is not such an expensive price to pay, as it will allow pet owners to see the world through the eyes of their dogs.

sony-aka-dm1-action-camera-mount-dogs Sony AKA-DM1 is an action camera mount for dogs Fun

Sony AKA-DM1 action camera mount can be fit on dogs bigger than 33 pounds.

Only 33-pound or larger dogs will support this action camera mount

Sony says that the mount is not aimed at all dogs. Smaller dogs may not support the weight of a camera, therefore this strap is designed for bigger dogs, which weigh over 33 pounds / 15 kilograms and have a waistline ranging between 50 and 80 centimeters or between 19.6 and 31.4-inches.

action-camera-mount-dogs Sony AKA-DM1 is an action camera mount for dogs Fun

Action camera mount for dogs is compatible with our canine friends, which have a waistline between 50 and 80 centimeters.

The on-going dogs-in-stockings craze will hopefully end

Recently, people in Japan have become addicted to memes which involve their pets. One of the most popular “fashion” ideas has started out in China and consists of dressing dogs in woman suspenders and high-heel shoes.

It has recently expanded to a lot of Asian countries, fact which attracted a lot of criticism from dog lovers. People on social media also said that fitting dogs in stockings is not the right thing to do to a pet.

Anyway, this action camera mount should draw the attention away from the stockings craze, but it remains to be seen whether cinematographers will adopt it or not. The results will most likely be seen on YouTube later this month.

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