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Sony and Olympus to launch new image sensor type in 2015


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Sony and Olympus are rumored to introduce a new type of image sensors as of 2015, that will be better than anything else available on the market at that time.

The partnership between Sony and Olympus is not new. The former is now the latter’s biggest shareholder. Moreover, it seems like the PlayStation maker is reorganizing its digital camera business, while the PEN manufacturer can put the $1.7 billion fraud scandal behind it and focus on more important things for photographers.

sony-and-olympus Sony and Olympus to launch new image sensor type in 2015 Rumors

Sony and Olympus partnership is rumored to result in a new kind of image sensors sometime in 2015.

Olympus lending its technology to Sony

A previous rumor had suggested that Sony will lend its current image sensors to Olympus. This way, the company will provide cameras which can capture higher-quality images.

On the other hand, Olympus will start shipping its JPEG engine, 5-axis image stabilization, and lenses to the PlayStation corporation. As a result, they will be implemented in some of Sony’s upcoming cameras.

Sony returns the favor by supplying image sensors to Olympus

Recently, it has been rumored that Sony is ditching SLT technology in favor of mirrorless. Additionally, the company is working on a full frame NEX camera and an APS-C E-mount one, while two FF and one APS-C A-mount shooters are also coming.

It is unlikely that all Olympus technology will find their way into all of Sony’s cameras, but some of its technology will definitely do so. Furthermore, the rumor mill says that this is happening by the end of 2013, meaning that the company has sped up things a little bit.

Sony and Olympus will launch a new kind of image sensors sometime in 2015

The more distant future of the Sony-Olympus partnership looks even better. The former will supply image sensors to the latter throughout 2014 and they will feature on-sensor phase detection autofocus technology.

Things will get really interesting in 2015, when the pair will launch a cutting-edge sensor that will be a lot better than everything else on the market and will receive more praises than Fujifilm’s X-Trans.

Unfortunately, these are only rumors and there is a lot of time left until 2015. Only then will we find out if these sources have been accurate or not.

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