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Sony DSLR-styled NEX camera rumored to be called ILC-3000


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Sony will announce a new DSLR-styled NEX camera with APS-C image sensor that will be sold under the name of ILC-3000.

Digital cameras do not have the prettiest names, as most companies are not trying to push a brand down your throat. Canon is selling the EOS and Rebel, while one of Sony’s brand is the NEX. People following the industry have grown accustomed to these names, but something is about to change soon.

sony-nex-5n Sony DSLR-styled NEX camera rumored to be called ILC-3000 Rumors

Sony does not have an E-mount camera that looks like a DSLR, as this design is reserved for the A-mount, while NEX shooters look pretty much like the NEX-5N.

Sony DSLR-styled NEX camera might be sold under the “ILC-3000” name

The PlayStation manufacturer is rumored to introduce a lot of cameras over the following months. The list also includes a NEX shooter with a DSLR shape that will compete against the Canon Rebel series.

One would expect the company to name it “NEX-something”, but Sony has other plans. According to inside sources, the camera will be marketed as ILC-3000 and the NEX brand will be nowhere to be found.

Plenty of shooters and lenses rumored to be introduced on August 13 or 14

This might be a bad decision from the corporation. Nevertheless, Sony ILC-3000 might be just an internal codename. Either way, the Sony DSLR-styled NEX camera will be a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera, hence the “ILC” name.

As for the “3000”, its origins are unknown. Thankfully, a product launch event will be held on August 13 or 14. One of the devices coming next week is the NEX-5T. This camera will replace the NEX-5R, which is available for $498 at Amazon.

Additionally, the event will also see the birth of two lenses, a 55-150mm f/2.8 version and another zoom optic for E-mount cameras.

Sony A79 announcement to occur in September

Another Sony event is expected to take place in September. It appears that this one will be reserved for A-mount cameras, such as the A79, whose specs have already been leaked.

The camera will feature a brand new 32-megapixel Exmor HD APS-C image sensor, 4GB image buffer, built-in high-resolution electronic viewfinder, up to 14 frames per second in continuous mode, and a 480-point AF system.

It is worth noting that the NEX full frame shooter is also rumored to be announced in September. However, it may well be a different event. The good thing is that Sony fans have only a few more weeks to wait and everything should become a lot clearer.

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