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Sony E-mount 4K camera to “kill” Canon C100 and C300


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Sony is rumored to announce a new E-mount camcorder that is capable of recording videos at 4K resolution and that is aimed at replacing the FS100.

One of the companies which is expected to launch a plethora of products as part of the Photokina 2014 event is Sony. Just a few hours ago, it was revealed that the PlayStation maker will introduce the A7X, NEX-9, RX2R, and QX1 cameras, but now we can add another unnamed model to the list.

According to multiple trusted sources, a Sony E-mount 4K camera is on track to become official during the biggest digital imaging trade fair in the world, taking place in Cologne, Germany in mid-September.

sony-fs100 Sony E-mount 4K camera to "kill" Canon C100 and C300 Rumors

Sony FS100 is an E-mount camcorder, which is rumored to be replaced at Photokina 2014 by a new model with 4K video recording support.

Sony E-mount 4K camera to become a Canon C100 and C300 “killer”

Lots of people may have forgotten that Sony has a line of E-mount camcorders. They can be considered competitors for the Canon Cinema EOS line-up, but it seems like their counterparts have the edge in terms of sale.

As usual, Sony will not rest until it gets back to more successful days, so it will allegedly announce a new video camera that is said to become a Canon C100 and C300 killer.

The sources have not provided a name for the time being, but the device will definitely have a competitive price, which should be a major attraction point for potential buyers.

It is also said that the upcoming shooter will replace the FS100, meaning that we should not act surprised if it is called FS200.

Sony FS100’s replacement to feature Super 35mm sensor and in-camera 4K recording

The specifications list of the new Sony E-mount 4K camera will obviously include the ability to record videos at 4K resolution. Judging by this feature alone, the new E-mount shooter could take on even the Canon C500 and 1D C, as these are the only Cinema EOS cameras with 4K movie recording capabilities.

Either way, the upcoming shooter will sport a Super 35mm image sensor and will be able to store the footage on a memory card, unlike the A7S full frame mirrorless camera, which can do so only via an external recorder.

Getting back to the price of the Sony FS100 replacement, it appears that the Japanese company will sell it for less than $10,000. To put things into perspective, the Canon C100 is available for about $5,000 at B&H PhotoVideo, while the C300 costs about $12,000 at the same retailer.

All things considered, things are not official, yet, so take this information with a pinch of salt, but stick with us in case it becomes official!

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