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Sony launching three full frame A-mount cameras in 2014


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Sony has begun developing three new full frame mirrorless cameras, which will all be released throughout 2014, in order to take a bite out of Nikon and Canon huge market shares.

The world of cameras is currently dominated by Nikon and Canon. These two companies are selling the highest amount of shooters and most of the digital imaging profits are heading their way.

sony-full-frame-a-mount-cameras Sony launching three full frame A-mount cameras in 2014 Rumors

Sony A99 may get three more brothers next year, as the PlayStation maker is rumored to introduce three full frame A-mount cameras throughout 2014.

Sony looking to make changes following never-ending Canon-Nikon domination

As one would imagine, Sony is not happy with the situation and needs to do something to tilt the balance in its favor. The company should have introduced several cameras so far, but it has been revealed that the current CEO has ordered a different approach.

It has been disclosed that Sony’s Kazuo Hirai has demanded that the different strategy needs to begin in early 2014, meaning that no new A-mount cameras will become available in 2013. The single shooter that should be released is a successor for the NEX-7. The upcoming mirrorless camera will be announced sometime this fall along with a new JPEG engine, called Honami.

First Sony full frame A-mount camera coming at CES, the other two at Photokina 2014

After the introduction of the NEX-7 replacement, Sony will announce a full frame A-mount mirrorless camera at the beginning of 2014. It is believed that the announcement will be made during the Consumer Electronics Show 2014 in January.

Moreover, at Photokina 2014, which takes place in fall 2014, Sony will announce another full frame camera with A-mount lens support. Both shooters are rumored to feature image sensors bigger than 30 megapixels and a new on-sensor Phase Detection AF technology.

The third full frame camera will also be introduced at Photokina 2014. However, it will support only E-mount lenses. Its initial specs are unknown, but it should be pretty powerful and cheaper than the other two.

There are too many rumors about Sony’s 2014 roadmap

Sony fans should be aware that these are just rumors and there is a long way until 2014. Recently, the Japanese company has filed a patent for an A-mount APS-C device. This camera has better chances of becoming available since it appears in official documents, but it cannot be found in this set of leaks.

Moreover, another recent speculation focused on a Sony A-E hybrid mount camera and this time it has not even been mentioned. The good thing is that more roadmap clarification is expected in the near future, so we should wait until then before jumping into conclusions.

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