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Sony full frame and APS-C A-mount cameras coming in 2014, not 2013


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Sony is still rethinking its digital camera lineup, as it appears that the rumored full frame and APS-C cameras will be launched sometime in early 2014, rather than 2013.

There is no secret that Sony is still trying to make a comeback in several industries, including mobile and digital imaging. However, it seems like the company is focusing on the smartphone market, where the Xperia Z is getting a lot of money for marketing purposes.

sony-slt-a58 Sony full frame and APS-C A-mount cameras coming in 2014, not 2013 Rumors

Sony A58 is the last SLT-based APS-C camera from the Japanese company, sources say. The Japanese company will launch only APS-C mirrorless cameras, while full frame shooters will retain SLT technology. Unfortunately, the cameras will be released in early 2014, not 2013.

Sony 2013 roadmap does not include any new A-mount cameras, but the 2014 one does

However, this does not mean that the Japanese company has forgotten all about cameras. Sources say that they are coming, but they will not be here as soon as Sony fans would have expected and they will have different features than previous shooters.

One of the first cameras which will be released is a replacement for the Sony NEX-7. It will not be called NEX-7n, like previously believed, and it is very unlikely that it will be released in 2013.

New Sony JPEG engine, called Honami, requires a lot of work before being released

Moreover, the Japan-based corporation is working on a brand new JPEG engine. It is called Honami and it will be available in all Sony cameras, because the current engine is sub-par, when compared to the ones found in Nikon, Canon, and Fujifilm shooters.

Developing a new JPEG format is not easy, as it takes time, effort, and money. If Sony creates the Honami, then the company will have to release it in combination with a great camera. Once again, this requires a lot of resources and testing, as it cannot be done overnight.

Sony full frame and APS-C A-mount cameras will become available in 2014

It appears that Sony has compiled a new roadmap that includes better products which will be released later rather than sooner. Sources familiar with the matter believe that all APS-C cameras will come with A-mount support and will be a part of the mirrorless category.

Additionally, some Sony full frame cameras will be released. Their features are unknown and only one FF shooter may be released, instead of two or more.

No more SLT for APS-C, though FF will keep using this technology

The company is said to have given up on the Single-Lens Translucent (SLT) technology. The translucent mirror is not helping Sony getting new clients and the company joins Canon in re-thinking its mirrorless camera strategy.

This means that the SLT-A58, which has been released in February 2013, will be the last translucent mirror-based APS-C camera from the Japanese company.

Sony will ditch SLT technology only in the mirrorless segment, while FF shooters are expected to retain this treat. Fans have been demanding a cheap FF SLT camera for a long time and their dreams may be fulfilled in 2014.

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