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Sony full frame black and white camera coming within 12 months


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Sony is rumored to be working on a black and white camera with a full frame image sensor that will become official and available on the market within 12 months.

With all the innovation happening in Sony’s backyard one would think that the Japan-based company has run out of new technologies for the digital imaging industry. However, it seems like the PlayStation maker is working on a product that would take the market by storm: it is a full frame camera that captures only black and white photos.

Sony rumored to be developing a full frame camera that captures only black and white photos

leica-m-monochrom Sony full frame black and white camera coming within 12 months Rumors

Leica M Monochrom is rumored to get its first competitor sometime in the next 12 months courtesy of Sony.

Sources who have been right on previous occasions are making a bold claim regarding Sony’s future. It appears that the manufacturer is currently developing a cutting edge camera with a full frame black and white sensor, as stated above.

This is big news as it would mean that the Japanese company is aiming to launch a competitor for the ultra-expensive Leica M Monochrom.

Why would Sony launch a camera with a full frame black and white sensor?

Beside trying to take Leica off the digital imaging market, there are other reasons why the Sony full frame black and white camera will be an interesting device.

By removing the color filter located on top of the sensor’s pixels, the camera will be able to capture sharper photos with less noise. Additionally, images will look significantly better at very high ISO sensitivity settings.

Another advantage would be the more extended dynamic range that, combined with the other aspects, would simply result in amazing photos that would not require too much post-processing.

A lot of photographers will say that images can be easily converted to black and white even within a modern camera. However, it is not the same as not having an extra filter to process the light. There will be no extra filters to reduce sharpness and image quality would simply impress all viewers.

Sony full frame black and white camera to be released within a year

Unfortunately, it is not as great as it sounds because it would mean that we should already have dozens of such devices on the market. There are many problems with this technology, including the fact that photographers will have a smaller resolution to work with in their photo shoots.

For the time being, the Leica M Monochrom is sitting alone in its class and it does not look like it will get another competitor within the next 12 months, except for this Sony model, whose launch date is less than one year away.

The Leica black and white camera is available for $7,950 at Amazon. Sony’s unit will probably be cheaper, but there is little proof to suggest that it will retail for a three-figure amount instead of a four-figure one, so it will still count as expensive.

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