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Sony FZ-mount 4K video DSLR camera will not be released


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Sony will not release a DSLR-like FZ-mount camera capable of capturing videos at 4K resolution, sources have revealed, as the previously-displayed prototype was nothing more than a test.

Beside making lots of cameras, Sony is also manufacturing plenty of camcorders as well. Sony’s CineAlta series of professional video cameras are based on the FZ-mount and a lot of high-profile movies have been shot with them.

At the National Association of Broadcasters Show 2013, the company has flaunted an FZ-mount camera that records 4K videos. However, the device has featured an unusual design: it looked like a DSLR.

Ever since the NAB Show 2013, industry watchers have been wondering whether or not this device or a similar morel will be released on the market. According to the rumor mill, the camera will surely not be mass developed and the device seen at the NAB Show 2013 and other events was just a prototype to test consumers’ reactions.

sony-fz-mount-4k-dslr Sony FZ-mount 4K video DSLR camera will not be released Rumors

This is Sony’s FZ-mount 4K video recording camera that looks like a DSLR. It was just a prototype and it will not be released on the market, sources say.

Sony FZ-mount 4K video DSLR camera was just a prototype aimed at getting feedback from the pros

The Sony FZ-mount 4K video DSLR camera has been on display at multiple events. This has made a lot of people to think that the Japan-based company is serious about building a camcorder that looks like a DSLR.

However, it appears that this is not the case. Trusted sources have confirmed that Sony’s claims from the NAB Show 2014 have been true. Among the claims we can find the fact that the reason why Sony built this was to get feedback from consumers and professionals.

It is unknown whether the reaction has been mainly positive or negative, but we may have to assume that it is the latter. There are some voices who said that a camcorder should have the shape of a regular camcorder, as a DSLR is not exactly designed for videography purposes.

People have previously said that a camera’s design should reflect its main functionality, but there are plenty of DSLR-like devices with great video features, such as the Canon 5D Mark III and the Panasonic GH4.

Either way, the Sony FZ-mount 4K DSLR camera is nothing more than a prototype and we may never see it launched on the market.

More Sony 4K cameras to be released on the market in the future

On the other hand, Sony is committed to providing more 4K cameras. Sources are saying that more E-mount shooters will definitely offer 4K video recording support.

In addition, upcoming A-mount cameras may also get such features, but no models have been nominated, yet.

As usual, stay tuned for more updates as we will reports the rumors as they come!

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