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Sony ILCE-7RM2 aka A7RII coming on May 15 with 59MP sensor


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Sony could hold an official product launch event on May 15 in order to announce one or more mirrorless cameras, including the A7RII and the A6100.

The rumor mill is claiming that a major Sony announcement event will occur on May 15, while the Sony X Australia community has posted a teaser photo, which depicts a broken mirror, inviting people to “stay tuned”.

All the information from both official and unofficial channels is pointing to the fact that the Japan-based company will reveal new products in the near future and it seems like they are aimed at the mirrorless market.

Moreover, another high-resolution photo has showed up on Flickr and, this time, the uploader has not deleted the whole EXIF data, which says that the image has been captured with the Sony ILCE-7RM2 camera.

59-megapixel-photo Sony ILCE-7RM2 aka A7RII coming on May 15 with 59MP sensor Rumors

This image has more than 59 megapixels. Photographer Sakamoto Mayu says that it was captured with an A7R, but the EXIF data shows that it was taken with the Sony A7RII.

Sony to hold a product launch event around May 15

A trusted source says that Sony will hold a local product launch event on May 15. The source also notes that the worldwide announcement could occur a few days prior to this, albeit we should be looking forward to May 15.

This comes amid rumors that the A6100, A7RII, and RX100 IV are close to being unveiled. The first will replace the A6000, the second will succeed the A7R, while the third is poised to substitute the RX100 III.

Sony X Australia teases the masses with image of broken mirror

All these details are joined by an official teaser of some kind. Sony X Australia has posted a teaser photo on its Facebook account, which says that the company’s fans should “stay tuned”.

This does not say much, as long as in the picture you can see a broken mirror. Although it could mean nothing, it could also mean that we are facing the launch of a mirrorless product, such as the A6100 or the A7RII.

Sony ILCE-7RM2 camera mentioned in EXIF data of a 59-megapixel photo

Recently, Zeiss uploaded a 56-megapixel photo on its Flickr page. The shot seems to have been cropped from a 59-megapixel photo, which means that a camera with more than 50 megapixels is on its way from Sony.

Now, a new photo has showed up on Flickr and it does have 59 megapixels. The original photo had a resolution of 8910 x 6300 pixels. The new one, which has been uploaded by photographer Sakamoto Mayu, has 9440 x 6300 pixels.

Zeiss may have carefully deleted all the EXIF data, but the photographer has not accomplished the same thing and it seems like the image in question has been captured with a Sony ILCE-RM2 aka the A7RII.

There is a lot of speculation circling around the web, but it seems like the sources who said that the FE-mount mirrorless camera will have a sensor with more than 50 megapixels are the ones who got it right. As Sony X Australia puts it, stay tuned!

Source: SonyAlphaRumors.

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