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Sony lens-camera module coming within the next four weeks


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The Sony lens-camera module is rumored to be officially introduced to the public sometime within the following three to four weeks.

Lenses with integrated image sensors have been a photographer’s dream for a very long time. There have been several attempts, but neither of them have been commercialized. Sony is looking to change this aspect soon, as its innovative lens-camera module will be introduced within a month.

sony-rx100-ii Sony lens-camera module coming within the next four weeks Rumors

Sony RX100 II will lend some of its features, such as the image sensor and zoom lens, to the company’s upcoming lens-camera module. The device will be revealed within the next month.

Sony lens-camera module to use smartphone as Live View mode

Sony’s upcoming device consists of a lens that features a built-in image sensor. It will be a small device, but it will be packed with cutting-edge technology. Its list of features will also include WiFi and Near Field Communication (NFC) support.

The body itself will be missing, but the gadget can be connected to a smartphone or tablet. iOS and Android mobile devices will use their screens as Live View mode for the Sony lens-camera module, as photographers need a way to frame their shot.

Photographers will be able to attach the lens-cameras to smartphones using magnets, which will be provided by Sony. The technique is unknown, but it should be quite simple and it will make it easier to compose a photo, as stated above.

Sony will announce two lens-camera devices in the next three to four weeks

It appears that the announcement date will take place within the next three to four weeks. Moreover, the rumor mill says that the company will announce not one, but two lens-camera devices.

The first version will be based on the RX100 II. The new camera features a 20.2-megapixel 1″-type image sensor without an anti-aliasing filter and a Zeiss 28-100mm f/1.8-4.9 lens (35mm equivalent).

The second unit will not get its traits from a specific shooter, but it will sport a 18-megapixel 1/2.3″-type sensor and a lens with a 10x optical zoom.

Amazon is selling the original RX100 for $598, while the OLPF-less RX100 II costs $748.

Sony NEX-5T, DSLR-shaped NEX, and two E-mount lenses coming soon, too

Before the launch of the lens-camera, the Sony NEX-5T will announce the NEX-5R. The event is rumored to occur on August 13 or 14, while the camera will come packed with WiFi support.

The same event will mark the ILC-3000 announcement date. It is a DSLR-shaped NEX camera that will try to emulate Canon’s Rebel series.

Last but not least, a couple of E-mount lenses will be revealed over the next couple of days. The list features a 16-70mm optic as well as a new 55-200mm version.

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