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Mamiya 7 could be Sony medium format camera’s inspiration


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Sources familiar with the matter are reporting that the upcoming Sony medium format camera will feature a design similar to that of the Mamiya 7 medium format rangefinder camera.

Sony is the world’s largest supplier of digital image sensors for the consumer market. Although it is not selling a medium format camera, the Japanese company is supplying such image sensors to Phase One and Hasselblad among others.

In recent times, the rumor mill has begun talking about the possibility of Sony joining the medium format segment with its own device. Now, sources are back with a few more details about the alleged Sony medium format camera.

New Sony camera with medium format sensor reportedly looks like a Mamiya 7

mamiya-7 Mamiya 7 could be Sony medium format camera's inspiration Rumors

The Mamiya 7 is said to be the source of inspiration for the upcoming Sony camera with a 50-megapixel CMOS medium format sensor.

Sources inside Sony are claiming that the company’s MF camera will have a design inspired by the popular Mamiya 7 rangefinder introduced in 1995.

The description given by the leakster says that we should imagine it as a “digital Mamiya 7”. Sony’s upcoming product will be smaller than the older film rangefinder and will have better looks, the source added.

About the Mamiya 7

Mamiya 7 is a rangefinder camera with a medium format sensor that takes photos on 120mm and 200mm film rolls. It features a viewfinder that allows users to frame shots with either one of the 65mm f/4, 80mm f/4, or 150mm f/4.5 lenses.

When using the 43mm f/4.5 and 50mm f/4.5 lenses, photographers have to attach an external viewfinder to the camera. A 210mm f/8 lens is available, too, but it cannot help users with the composition.

One of the cool tricks offered by this rangefinder consists of a dark slide that gives users the possibility of changing left shutter lenses even when the film is in the camera.

Launched in 1995, the Mamiya 7 has been replaced in 1999 by the Mamiya 7II, which comes packed with a better viewfinder and double-exposure support.

What we know about the Sony medium format camera

We have heard through the grapevine that the Sony MF camera will feature the same 50-megapixel CMOS sensor found in the Hasselblad H5D-50c and Phase One IQ250. Additionally, it will be cheaper and “different” when compared to this duo.

Unconfirmed details also say that we are facing a mirrorless camera with a built-in electronic viewfinder.

For the time being, the available information is rather scarce, so we should remain cautious and keep an eye out for tangible evidence before reaching a verdict. Stay tuned for more!

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