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Sony testing mirrorless camera with curved sensor?


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Sony may be working on an Alpha A7-series mirrorless camera that features a curved full-frame image sensor as multiple sources are reporting that the device is in testing phase.

Within the next couple of weeks, Sony will introduce a new FE-mount mirrorless camera. The A7RII will replace the A7R and it will do so with a small number of improvements, according to the more trusted sources.

A couple of sources are reporting an interesting piece of information about the device. They are claiming that the A7RII will employ a curved sensor as they have received this information from people who are testing the device. However, the truth may be somewhere in the middle, as Sony is most likely testing an Alpha A7-series-like model with a curved sensor in order to determine the feasibility of such device.

sony-curved-sensor-photo Sony testing mirrorless camera with curved sensor? Rumors

Sony revealed this photo about one year ago and said that it is the first one to be captured with the finished version of its curved sensor.

Sony may be testing mirrorless camera with curved sensor

This is not the first time the PlayStation maker has been rumored to be working on an ILC with a curved sensor. So far, the company has released only one camera with a curved sensor. It consists of the Sony KW1, which is available in some Asian markets for selfie enthusiasts.

Nevertheless, this does not mean that the Japan-based manufacturer is not aiming to bring its curved sensors to the rest of the world in higher-end cameras. Sony has already demoed the potential of this technology and the first ILC with a curved sensor may be closer than initially thought.

Two separate sources are reporting that they have spoken with photographers testing the A7RII with a curved full-frame image sensor. It is unlikely that the soon-to-come A7R replacement will employ such sensor, so it is very likely that the product in question is an A7-series prototype that could eventually join its siblings on the market.

Curved sensor brings better lens sharpness in corners

There are no leaked specifications of the alleged mirrorless camera with curved sensor. However, the sources are claiming that the shooter will be compatible with all FE-mount lenses.

Moreover, the curvature of the sensor will improve the performance of the lenses. Image sharpness in the corners will be increased and the photos will have a high image quality.

It is worth noting that Sony has acknowledged in the past that curved image sensors will lead to better lens performance in corners, so the rumors may be based on this previous statement.

Either way, it is unwise to rule out any possibilities, but this is just a rumor and it needs to be treated accordingly.  Stay close for more details!

Source: SonyAlphaRumors.

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