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Sony NEX-3N image leaked on the web


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An image of the latest Sony NEX camera has been leaked on the web, along with some information regarding the announcement date.

Sony has recently revealed that it will hold a PlayStation event on February 20. During the event, the company is expected to reveal the next-generation gaming console, the PlayStation 4.

Codenamed Orbis, the gaming console will be launched ahead of Microsoft’s Xbox 720, in order to avoid playing catch-up, like it did with the Xbox 360 when Sony announced the PlayStation 3.

During the same event, Sony is rumored to reserve a space for its camera lineup, therefore it may announce a new NEX shooter. An image of the mirrorless camera has been leaked online and it seems like an announcement is imminent.

sony-nex-3n-image-leaked Sony NEX-3N image leaked on the web Rumors

The leaked image of the Sony NEX-3N shows that the company added a manual zoom control and a change in the playback button’s placement.

Leaked Sony NEX-3N image suggests minor changes

Before the announcement of the new camera, it is best to analyze the leaked image. It is very hard to verify its veracity, but it looks very real. If the photo is real, then the camera will feature a 16-megapixel sensor, the same found in its predecessor, the NEX-F3.

Furthermore, it will sport a 16-50mm lens with zoom controls. The camera being replaced by the new NEX-3N did not boast zoom controls on its body and it featured an 18-55mm lens. The expansion port has also been removed, but the flash button is still in its place.

The sadness triggered by the removal of the external flash and microphone ports may not be compensated by anything else, but it is worth noting that the Sony NEX-3N is the first camera of its kind to feature zoom controls.

New button placement may confuse users

In the leaked photo of the Sony NEX-3N, it can be seen that the playback button is located on top of the camera, while previously it was positioned next to the “Movie” button. The zoom control lever is located in a somewhat awkward position, but photographers will most likely get by the confusion after a few days of use.

Additionally, the rumor mill is suggesting that Sony will also announce the SLT-A38 and SLT-A58 cameras in the near future. They may be unveiled at the PlayStation event on February 20 or at the NAB Show, which takes place in April.

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