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Sony NEX-5 discontinued in June to make room for its heir


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Sony may be on the verge of announcing an NEX-5r replacement, as the company is said to discontinue the product by the end of June 2013.

Sony has first announced the NEX-5 mirrorless camera in May 2010. The E-mount shooter has received a lot of praises from numerous photographers and reviewers for delivering great quality at a relatively low price point.

sony-nex-r5-replacement Sony NEX-5 discontinued in June to make room for its heir Rumors

Sony is rumored to discontinue the NEX-5r mirrorless camera by the end of June. It is believed that the company wants to make room for a new model, which will be introduced in August 2013.

Sony NEX-5 series is one of the most successful on the market

The NEX-5 has been replaced by Sony with the NEX-5N in the summer of 2011. One year later, the company’s range of mirrorless device just got a whole lot better, but this does not mean that the NEX-5N has been the end of the line.

In August 2012, the Sony NEX-5r has been unveiled and it has almost made the PlayStation-maker the king of the mirrorless market. The camera sports a 16-megapixel APS-C image sensor, full HD video recording at 60 frames per second, and more buttons and controls when compared to its predecessor.

Sony NEX-5r replacement to be announced in August 2013

Although the NEX-5r is a good shooter with a decent amount of lenses at its disposal, Sony is actively preparing a replacement for it. A NEX-5r owner claims that he has taken his unit to a repair shop because he damaged his camera. The photographer confessed to the store clerk that he is considering purchasing a new unit. The employee told him that he should hurry up, as the company will stop manufacturing it in June.

When a company discontinues a product, it usually means that a new version is coming to the market. For the time being, it is unknown whether a NEX-5r replacement is coming, but Sony might continue the tradition and release a new version in August 2013, while the current version continues to be available on Amazon for $498.

Sony NEX-7 successor rumored for an August launch, too

Sony is also rumored to announce a NEX-7 successor, which will feature that new Honami JPEG engine. It seems like the NEX-7 and NEX-5r replacements are the single A-mount and E-mount cameras, respectively, which will be introduced by the end of 2013.

The Japanese company has big plans for 2014, when at least three A-mount cameras will be announced. Bear in mind that these are all just rumors and that they might never become true, as there is no hard evidence to back them up.

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