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Sony NEX-5-like full frame camera patented in Japan


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A Sony NEX-5-like full frame camera patent has been spotted on the web, hinting that more NEX-FF shooters will be launched in the following months.

Sony has done a great job this fall by announcing the first mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras with full frame image sensors. The A7 and A7R are compatible with the company’s E-mount, becoming the first NEX-FF devices aimed at photography. Although they do not bear the “NEX” brand, which has been replaced by “Alpha”, they are still in the same category as the shooters known for their small size.

sony-nex-5-like-full-frame Sony NEX-5-like full frame camera patented in Japan Rumors

Patent showing the Sony NEX-5-like full frame camera, which is rumored to be introduced in 2014.

Patent for Sony NEX-5-like full frame camera shows up on the web

Recently, the rumor mill has begun speaking about even more Sony full frame E-mount devices. It appears that they will be launched sometime in 2014 around the Photokina event, although much remains to be determined until then.

Either way, it seems like these gossip talks have been spot on again. A new patent has been spotted on the web, describing a Sony NEX-5-like full frame camera. The official document shows images of a MILC which is based on the design of the popular NEX-5 series, but it features a FF sensor instead of an APS-C one.

Tiny Sony NEX-FF to compete against Fujifilm’s own model in 2014

The NEX-5 is a pretty small device that fits in the palm of your hand. It would definitely be crazy for Sony to fit such a big sensor in such a tiny body. However, the Japanese company has proven that it is capable of innovating, thanks to the launch of the QX10 and QX100 lens-style cameras.

The PlayStation maker has not been the first to reveal lenses with built-in image sensors. Nevertheless, it has been the first to commercialize such devices, therefore the manufacturer deserves credit for that.

It appears that the latest patent has been filed on March 8 and approved on October 28 this year. Sony is moving really fast and it would be interesting to see this camera on the market, especially when Fujifilm is rumored to launch a full frame MILC of its own in 2014.

New Sony full frame E-mount shooter to be priced lower than A7

The fact that Sony is moving towards FF sensors does not mean that APS-C units are on the brink of extinction. This business model may be the right one as point&shoot-class cameras are no longer selling like hot pancakes, so the digital imaging companies must provide devices with better features at lower prices.

Still, the Sony NEX-5-like full frame camera has a long way to go before being announced, but the consumers will definitely be expecting it with arms wide open, since it will probably be priced even lower than the A7, which costs $1,698 at Amazon.

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