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Sony NEX-5T replacement to be announced this September


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Sony is preparing the launch of a replacement for the NEX-5T, as the mirrorless interchangeable lens is allegedly getting discontinued in July and will be followed by an announcement in September.

One of the most beautiful stories provided by Sony’s digital imaging business consists of the NEX-5 series. The original NEX-5 has been released in late 2010, followed by the NEX-5N in 2011, the NEX-5R in 2012, and the NEX-5T in 2013.

All these cameras have received mainly positive reviews from critics and photographers alike. The series is described as everything a mirrorless camera should be: a lightweight and compact device with good specifications and an affordable price.

Although Sony is abandoning the “NEX” branding, the most recent addition to the NEX-5 line-up will still be replaced by another model. According to trusted sources, the NEX-5T will be discontinued this summer in order to make room for a successor in September.

sony-nex-5t Sony NEX-5T replacement to be announced this September Rumors

Sony NEX-5T is a mirrorless camera announced in August 2013. Sources are reporting that it will be discontinued in July and its replacement is coming in September.

Sony rumored to discontinue the NEX-5T mirrorless camera this July

The NEX-5T features a 16.1-megapixel APS-C-sized sensor that is also capable of shooting 1920 x 1080 videos at a 60fps frame rate. It was announced towards the end of August 2013 and released a few weeks later.

A source, who has been right in the past, is claiming that the mirrorless camera will be discontinued by Sony less than one year after its launch. The NEX-5T’s discontinuation will become official in July 2014, thus leaving space for a direct replacement.

Sony NEX-5T replacement coming in September

After the Sony NEX-5T will be withdrawn from the production line, a replacement will not be released immediately. The source says that the next-gen NEX-5 camera will be announced in September.

It is not specified whether it is coming at thePhotokina 2014 or after the event. However, this is the world’s largest digital imaging show and some people say that it would be wise for the Japan-based company to launch it then because you cannot receive better exposure than during this event.

Nevertheless, this is just a rumor and readers should not put all their money on a bet saying that the Sony NEX-5T replacement is coming at all.

More details about the Sony NEX-5T

The mirrorless camera features a 99-point autofocus system based on Phase Detection, although Contrast Detection AF is supported, too. It offers Subject Tracking support and a continuous shooting mode of up to 10fps.

The specs list of the Sony NEX-5T includes a maximum ISO of 25,600, maximum shutter speed of 1/4000th of a second, and a 3-inch tilting LCD touchscreen as well as NFC and WiFi capabilities.

Amazon is offering the mirrorless camera for a price under $350, down from the original price of $550.

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