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Sony NEX-5T rumored to be announced in September


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The Sony NEX-5T is the company’s latest camera to join the rumor mill, taking the total of upcoming NEX cameras to four.

Following the recent Sony leaks, it would be fair to say that the company’s CEO has finally decided what to do in the digital camera industry. No less than four NEX cameras will be officially announced in the near future and the process will be kickstarted in a matter of weeks.

sony-nex-5r Sony NEX-5T rumored to be announced in September Rumors

Sony NEX-5R is rumored to be replaced with the NEX-5T later this year.

Sony NEX-5T to replace NEX-5R in September

Sony NEX-5T has just hit the gossip talk. Details about the specs are unknown, but they should be revealed in the near future because the NEX-5T will be the PlayStation maker’s second shooter to be introduced during the remaining months of 2013.

Although the source does not say whether Sony will replace an existing model or not, it is safe to assume that the current NEX-5R is facing the ax. Previously, it has been revealed that the NEX-5R will be discontinued, in order to make room for a successor.

The NEX-5 has been announced in 2010, while the NEX-5N took its place one year later. Finally, the NEX-5R has surfaced in 2012 and it seems like the NEX-5T will be the next step in this category as of September 2013.

DSLR-like Sony E-mount and NEX-7 replacement cameras coming soon, too

Before the NEX-5T, Sony will introduce the recently-rumored NEX apparatus with a DSLR-like design. This device will be aimed at Canon Rebel consumers, thus it will be similarly priced. However, its performance will be significantly higher, sources have revealed.

The third NEX gadget capable of taking photos will be the NEX-7 replacement. This one has been rumored many times before and it is said to feature a rather different design than its predecessor, including a taller body and larger battery grip.

Sony poised to reveal a NEX full frame shooter by the end of the year

The fourth and final camera will be the sought-after Sony NEX full frame shooter. This one has been one of the most discussed electronic devices of recent times.

It will be the first photography-dedicated E-mount camera. Sources say that all current E-mount lenses will be supported, but only in crop mode, since they have been built for APS-C sensors. Although it will be officialized in 2013, it will be released on the market in 2014.

Meanwhile, Amazon is selling the Sony NEX-5R for $498, which is 23% less than the original price. If another discount comes, then it will be a confirmation that a successor is on its way.

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