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Sony NEX-7 replacement camera also coming on February 12


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Sony NEX-7 replacement camera is rumored to have been set for an announcement date on February 12, ahead of the CP+ 2014 event, just like the Canon PowerShot G1X successor.

Multiple digital cameras have recently been rumored to be unveiled during the upcoming CP+ Camera & Photo Imaging Show 2014. However, newly-leaked evidence suggests that some of these products will become official ahead of the event.

First, the Canon PowerShow G1X successor has been said to be introduced on February 12. Now, the second device is reportedly coming on the same date as the Sony NEX-7 replacement camera.

Sony NEX-7 replacement camera set for February 12 announcement, one day ahead of the CP+ 2014 event

sony-nex-7-camera Sony NEX-7 replacement camera also coming on February 12 Rumors

The latest Sony NEX-7 camera rumor says that the device will be unveiled on February 12, just like the successor for the Canon PowerShot G1X.

Highly-reliable sources are claiming that the PlayStation manufacturer is holding a special event in the early hours of February 12 in order to reveal the next-generation flagship APS-C E-mount shooter.

Its name is unknown for the time being, but as the NEX branding is heading towards its death, some people have begun speculating that the new camera will be referred to as Sony A7000.

This fact remains to be determined. Nevertheless, the situation is a little different when it comes to some other details. It appears that the same shooter will act as a replacement for the Sony NEX-6, as the company is willing to merge this category with the NEX-7 series.

Bionz X image processor to bring faster autofocus and more FPS to the flagship E-mount camera

The Sony NEX-7 replacement camera will be significantly faster than its predecessors. It is all about the speed, sources say. The new device will capture more frames per second in continuous shooting mode, will autofocus more quickly and the built-in electronic viewfinder is said to have virtually no lag.

Most of these features will be possible thanks to the Bionz X image processor, which sports numerous improvements over the previous generation, source says.

It is worth noting that Sony has updated its websites not long ago in order to say that “all E-mount cameras come with on-sensor image stabilization technology”. However, this is not true, as we have yet to see an E-mount camera with such capabilities, so we can only assume that future models will sport built-in IS, including the one that will replace the NEX-6 and the NEX-7.

New Sony RX and full frame E-mount cameras could be introduced next week, too

Other products that might be announced at the February 12 event are several E-mount lenses for APS-C cameras, a new RX shooter, as well as another full frame E-mount model.

This is based solely on rumor and speculation, albeit from trusted sources, so take it with a grain of salt.

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