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Sony NEX-7 replacement release date delayed due to manufacturing issue


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Sony NEX-7 replacement has been delayed following a manufacturing issue, sources have revealed, though the camera is still coming by the end of 2013.

Sony’s road has been paved with problems in recent times. Even if the PlayStation 4 is in pole position to win the console war with the Xbox One, not the same thing can be said about the company’s digital camera business.

Several rumors are circling around the web, saying that the Japan-based corporation is working on two RX cameras, the RX2 and RX200, while several A-mount and E-mount shooters will be released in 2014.

sony-nex-7-replacement Sony NEX-7 replacement release date delayed due to manufacturing issue Rumors

A manufacturing issue is keeping the Sony NEX-7 on the streets.The camera’s successor is not here yet because the company’s engineers are still looking for a solution to a production issue, sources have revealed.

Sony NEX-7 replacement manufacturing problem causes release date delay

Despite all these details, neither of these devices has seen daylight, yet. There is another report concerning a Sony NEX-7 replacement. It should have been called NEX-7n and released by now, but the name change has been accompanied by a manufacturing issue.

According to sources familiar with the matter, the NEX-7 replacement release date has been delayed and, at this point, there is no estimated time of arrival, because Sony is still looking for a way to fix the camera.

It appears that engineers want to find a cost-friendly resolution to the problem without “breaking” something else in between. Since fixing issues take time, it will take a while before NEX-7’s successor shows up on the market.

The source has also confirmed that Sony has instructed its employees to concentrate on the upcoming A-mount mirrorless cameras, since they will be aimed at advanced photographers, while NEX E-mount shooters are designed for consumer-level users.

Sony announcement taking place on June 27: multiple devices in toll?

Meanwhile, the Sony RX200 is rumored to be announced on June 27, along with the so-called Mobile Cybershot. The former is a version of the RX100, while the latter is a new smartphone with a powerful camera and a new JPEG engine, that will also be available in all of the company’s future devices capable of taking photos.

The Sony NEX-7 E-mount camera is currently available at Amazon for $948, which represents a 21% discount. For the time being, this cannot be considered a significant reduction, once again confirming that a replacement might be too far away.

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