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Sony NEX-7 replacement release date is this October


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Sources close to the digital camera industry have revealed that the Sony NEX-7 replacement release date has been scheduled for October 2013.

NEX cameras are being refreshed a lot faster than the SLT ones. Sony is releasing more compact shooters than bigger ones, but the long-rumored NEX-7 successor has failed to make an appearance on the market.

sony-nex-7-replacement-release-date Sony NEX-7 replacement release date is this October Rumors

Sony NEX-7 is rumored to finally get a replacement this October.

Sony NEX-7 replacement release date is, most likely, this October

The new device should have been called NEX-7n, but its name will be different and one of the reasons of its delay is the new Sony Honami JPEG engine, which is still in the works.

It seems like Sony has finally managed to come up with an efficient plan, as the JPEG engine is ready, while the NEX-7 replacement will be released this October, the rumor mill said.

Sony RX1-R and RX200 to be announced on June 27

Before this date, the company will hold a product launch event on June 27. The Sony RX1-R and RX200 / RX100 MKII will be officially announced at the end of this month, alongside the Honami engine. Moreover, the Mobile Cybershot Android-powered smartphone might be unveiled, too.

Regardless of what the June 27 event holds in tow, the Sony NEX-7 replacement release date is definitely October. The camera will make an appearance prior to that, of course. It is believed that it will be introduced in late August, but early September is also a good bet.

Sony NEX-5 successor, zoom bridge camera, and many lens coming soon, too

Other surprises from Sony include the launch of an 85mm f/1.4 lens, new high-end zoom bridge camera, and, more importantly, the NEX-5r successor, which does not have a name, yet.

The next-gen Sony NEX-5r will not come alone, as the mirrorless camera will be launched alongside multiple E-mount lenses, each aimed at different styles of photography.

Retailers continue to sell NEX-7 and NEX-5r cameras, amid replacements rumors

This is a lot of information to take in, but Sony has decided to push multiple devices on the market, in order to remain competitive.

Either way, the Sony NEX-7 mirrorless camera with an APS-C sensor is still available for purchase at Amazon for a price of $948, while Adorama is selling it for the same price.

On the other hand, Amazon and Adorama are selling the Sony NEX-5r for $498.

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