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Sony NEX-7 successor most likely coming at CP+ 2014


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Sony has officially confirmed that two mirrorless cameras will be announced this year and compact, bridge, and new QX-series models are also on their way.

The UK-based division of Sony has recently held a small conference to talk about its present line-up and future products. The Japanese company has mindfully confirmed that it is working on a number of digital imaging devices, revealing that a long series of official announcements will begin in February at the CP+ Camera & Photo Imaging Show 2014.

Sony will focus on speed in 2014 and will prove it at CP+ with an ultra-zoom bride camera

One of the first Sony cameras to be announced at CP+ 2014 will consist of an ultra-zoom bridge model. It will come packed with a faster processor so that photographers will no longer see annoying messages such as “Processing…” on their shooters.

An unannounced product has been used for the demonstration, which has also consisted of revealing how photos are saved on an SD card without any interruptions.

The PlayStation maker is claiming that this bridge camera will continue to shoot in burst mode until the SD card is full. However, the frame rate will be significantly reduced, despite the absence of loading messages.

This camera is just one of Sony’s digital cameras to feature a very fast processor. The company’s line-up for 2014 will include products that offer quick autofocus speeds and that are generally faster at everything, so it should be a very exciting year for its fans.

Sony NEX-7 successor could be the mirrorless camera set to be announced in February

sony-nex-7-camera Sony NEX-7 successor most likely coming at CP+ 2014 Rumors

A replacement for the Sony NEX-7 camera is on track for a CP+ 2014 announcement. The company has admitted that a mirrorless model is coming in February and the rumor mill says that it is a successor for the APS-C E-mount flagship.

Sony will continue its CP+ 2014 adventure with the introduction of a new mirrorless camera. Additionally, another model will become official during Photokina 2014 in September.

For the time being, the company is focused on the first model, which could be the Sony NEX-7 successor, according to the rumor mill.

The high-end APS-C E-mount shooter needs to be replaced as soon as possible, as it is one of Sony’s oldest models still available on the market.

The mirrorless interchangeable camera could be referred to as A7000, as the NEX brand is getting one step closer to its final demise.

Sales of QX10 and QX100 lens-style cameras are going really well, new models are definitely on company’s radar

Moving further into Sony’s conference, it appears that the Cyber-shot lens-style cameras are selling very well in the UK. The lower-end QX10 has been sold out in December and the QX100 sales have not been bad either.

In fact, the Japanese corporation is so pleased with how things went that it is aiming to launch a second-generation of QX cameras. A timeframe has not been given, but it would not be surprising if they had a one-year refresh rate.

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