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Sony NEX-7 successor state explained in rumor round-up


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Sony NEX-7 successor will not be the rumored NEX-7R APS-C camera, as the company has to replace it with the A7R full frame shooter.

A lot of rumors and whispers have been unearthed over the past few months regarding multiple Sony cameras. As a result, industry watchers have gotten definitely confused about all these names and devices, therefore it is about time we start concentrating on clearing the matters.

We should begin with the Sony NEX-7 successor. A recent rumor suggested that the camera will be called NEX-7R and that it will feature a 24.3/25.3-megapixel APS-C sensor. Photographer Clayton Nelson has even tested the camera, but he said that it featured a Four Thirds sensor.

sony-nex-7 Sony NEX-7 successor state explained in rumor round-up Rumors

Sony NEX-7 will not get a real successor. The NEX-7R is not real, trusted sources say. Instead, the A7 and A7R E-mount full frame cameras will pick up where the NEX-7 left off.

Sony NEX-7 successor is the A7R full frame E-mount camera

Well, we understand the confusion, but the NEX-7R is not real and it is not coming anytime soon. Instead, Sony has chosen to replace the device with one of the E-mount full frame cameras, specifically the high-end A7R.

The A7R will become the top of the E-mount line and will feature a 36-megapixel full frame sensor without an anti-aliasing filter.

The Sony A7 could pose as a NEX-7 replacement as well. It will also join the E-mount FF lineup and will feature a 24-megapixel sensor with Phase Detection AF technology.

Sony A5000 is not a new camera, it’s just a name that the NEX-5T will go by in some markets

Moving on to the so-called Sony ILCE-5000 / A5000. This is actually a real camera, but it is not the one we were all thinking about.

The A5000 is nothing more than the NEX-5T, which has just replaced the NEX-5R. However, the A5000 name will be used in some overseas markets, possibly Australia, as a photo of the device has previously appeared on the local Sony website.

All Sony mid-level and high-end cameras will be Alpha-branded, regardless of lens mount

Sony will not abandon the A-mount. The reason why E-mount cameras are sold as “A” models is because all mid-tier and high-end shooters will be considered “Alpha”.

This means that the “NEX” brand will not die either, but it will remain in place only for entry-level units.

As for ILCE, this is just an internal codename, standing for “Interchangeable Lens Camera” and “E-mount”.

New A-mount shooters to be launched in 2014

On the other hand, Sony will introduce the ILCA codename for A-mount devices.

The Japanese company will not announce any new A-mount cameras in 2013. Several models will be unveiled in 2014 and two of them are the A99 and A77 replacements. The former does not have a name yet, while the latter will be called A79.

Short recap

Everything is now much clearer. Sony A7 and A7R full frame cameras will take over the prosumer crown from the NEX-7, while the A5000 is just a rebranded NEX-5T that will be sold under this name in a few markets.

“Alpha” brand will be aimed at semi-pro and professional shooters. It will include both E and A-mount devices.

Sony will launch new A-mount units in 2014 and you will be able to catch all the information on Camyx, as usual.

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