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Sony NEX-7 successor design to be different from the original


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Information about the design of the Sony NEX-7 successor has been leaked, revealing some of the changes that the form factor will withstand.

Talks of a Sony NEX-7 replacement are nothing new. The camera should have been released a long time ago, according to the rumor mill. However, as the company is reshaping its digital imaging business, some devices have been delayed, including this one.

Lately, we have heard through the grapevine that the substitute has been scheduled for an October release date. It should come packed with the new Honami JPEG engine, but things have recently changed. The partnership with Olympus means that Sony will get a new JPEG engine from this company, thus reducing the need for creating a brand new one.

sony-nex-7 Sony NEX-7 successor design to be different from the original Rumors

Sony NEX-7 will lend some of its design traits to its replacement. However, the new camera will come with a slightly modified body.

Sony NEX-7 heir’s design will be somewhat different when compared to the original version

Even if the Sony NEX-7 successor is coming out in October 2013 or not, a source has leaked some design information. It appears that the body will be visually similar to the original version. However, the lens mount has been moved about 3mm to the left.

Additionally, the device’s height will be increased by 3mm, while the aforementioned lens mount will be 3mm deeper. The latter fact will allow the lens to keep a lower profile, meaning that it will stand out with 3mm less than before.

Sony NEX-7 successor to come packed with bigger and higher-resolution screen

The hand grip will be a lot larger. The reasons for this are pretty obvious: the camera will feel better in hand and the battery will be bigger in order to allow photographers to capture more photos.

Sony NEX-7 successor will come packed with a 3.2-inch 1,080K-dot, which means that it is bigger and has a higher resolution than its predecessor. Despite all these, it will be thinner to preserve a few grams, as the overall weight of the new shooter will increase by 23 grams.

Sony NEX-7 replacement to feature tilting pop-up flash

Other details are confirming a conventional hot shoe for external accessories. The last rumored change consists of a new pop-up flash, which will be tiltable.

Since there are no words of a new launch date, it is safe to assume that things have not changed and the shooter will be released this October.

The current Sony NEX-7 mirrorless camera is available for purchase at B&H, Adorama, and Amazon for a price of $1,098.

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