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Sony NEX-7R camera to be announced in October


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Sony NEX-7R is rumored to replace the NEX-7 camera this October, as a photographer is already testing a prototype of the device which features an APS-C sensor.

The rumor mill has previously believed that Sony would replace the NEX-7 in the summer of 2013. Soon after those claims, it has been revealed that the camera has been delayed until September 2013 and that it is coming under the name of NEX-7N. However, as time went by, it has been said that the company’s CEO has scrapped all earlier plans and he has ordered the digital imaging team to re-imagine the whole device, including its name.

Sony NEX-7R coming this October to replace NEX-7

It appears that the Sony NEX-7 replacement is very near, as a source in China is reporting that the device will be announced in October. The camera is reportedly called NEX-7N, but people familiar with the matter are claiming that the device will go by the name of NEX-7R.

Previous rumors stated that the Sony NEX-7R will feature a 24.3-megapixel APS-C sensor, 3.2-inch tilting LCD screen, maximum ISO sensitivity of up to 25,600, WiFi, 5-axis image stabilization technology, integrated electronic viewfinder, and an environmentally-sealed construction.

clayton-nelson Sony NEX-7R camera to be announced in October Rumors

Photographer Clayton Nelson claims that he has captured a picture of his cat with the new Sony NEX 7 camera that features a 25.3-megapixel Four Thirds sensor in combination with a 50-year-old Nikon lens. Credits: Clayton Nelson.

Photographer Clayton Nelson claims that he is testing 25.3-megapixel version of the NEX-7R

A somewhat official confirmation of the Sony NEX-7R comes from popular fashion photographer Clayton Nelson. Over the weekend, the lensman has shared his views regarding the camera on his Facebook account.

The photographer has even posted some images captured with the camera, as well as a little bit of information. He claims that the device features a Four Thirds image sensor at 25.3-megapixel.

Nevertheless, one of his deleted posts used to say that the new NEX shooter sports an APS-C sensor, so the FT format claim may be just a mistake.

Sony NEX-7R is the already-rumored DSLR-shaped camera with a moving image sensor

One of the texts posted by Clayton Nelson says that the camera can take any lens from any manufacturer. Some of the photos were captured with a 50-year-old lens, the photographer added. A special adapter will be supplied by Sony to allow users to attach lenses from different mounts.

Inside sources have previously revealed that the Japanese company will launch a DSLR-like camera with a moving image sensor, so that it would support Nikon, Canon, and Pentax lenses. According to Nelson’s posts, the Sony NEX-7R could be that device.

Photos and posts are gone now, but the NEX-7R is definitely coming soon

Unfortunately, most photos and texts have been removed by the photographer. It is very likely that Sony has asked Clayton Nelson to delete them, as the device is not out yet, though it is rather unusual that the Four Thirds one is still there.

Thankfully, this is the internet and news travel really fast, allowing us to put all the pieces together. As the NEX-7 continues to be available at Amazon for $1,098, the Sony NEX-7R is rumored to become official in October.

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