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Sony NEX-9 full frame camera coming in mid-October


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Sony will announce an E-mount full frame camera, rumored to be called NEX-9, sometime in the middle of October along with multiple lenses.

The Sony NEX full frame camera has been rumored for a very long time. This device will mark the company’s switch to full frame sensors for E-mount lenses. It will be the first photography-bound full frame shooter with support for E-mount optics, as the company has previously offered camcorders with such sensors.

sony-nex-9 Sony NEX-9 full frame camera coming in mid-October Rumors

Sony NEX-9 is rumored to become the company’s first E-mount camera with a full frame sensor for photography purposes. It will have an NEX-7-based design and it is coming in mid-October.

Sony NEX full frame camera to be announced between October 14 and 18

Information about the device continues to be leaked on the web. It has been said that the company is working on two such shooters. Both will be mirrorless and they will support all NEX optics, which will work in crop mode. However, new lenses will be launched alongside the first camera, which will be introduced in mid-October.

This details come from multiple Europe-based stores, which are claiming that Sony has scheduled events for the days between October 14 and 18. According to the leaks, the company has prepared “something big”, which is another hint that we are looking at the announcement date of the Sony NEX-FF camera.

E-mount full frame shooter to be called Sony NEX-9

For the first time since details about the camera have been leaked, its name is mentioned in the rumor mill. It appears that it will be called Sony NEX-9, a name which would actually make sense.

Sources have already reported that the upcoming NEX-FF will be based on the NEX-7 design, instead of borrowing RX1’s traits, as previously expected.

The NEX-7 replacement was supposed to be launched by now. However, it is not here and now it seems like it is not coming at all. Instead, Sony might choose to release the NEX-9 with a full frame sensor, as the company will launch a decent amount of E-mount shooters to fill in NEX-7’s boots.

Sony NEX-7 series’ fate has not been determined, yet

An argument against killing the NEX-7 series entirely is the price. The Sony NEX-9 price is rumored to stand at around $3,000. Meanwhile, the NEX-7 can be bought for $1,098 at Amazon and the price difference between the two is just too big.

Still, a cheaper NEX-FF is rumored to come in the following months, too, but it remains to be seen whether or not it will fall into the NEX-7 pricing range.

A camera with a DSLR form factor, APS-C sensor, and E-mount support, called A7 / ILCE-7, is a strong contender for replacing the NEX-7 as well. Unfortunately, these are all rumors and it might take a while to learn the full truth.

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