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Sony NEX-9 specs list leaked ahead of announcement


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The first Sony NEX-9 specs list has been leaked on the web, ahead of the E-mount full frame camera’s announcement, which is expected to occur sometime in October.

The rumor mill is convinced that Sony will announce a NEX camera with a full frame image sensor. The device has been talked about several times and it has recently been determined that it will be revealed to the public in the middle of October.

sony-nex-9-specs Sony NEX-9 specs list leaked ahead of announcement Rumors

Sony NEX-9 specs list is rumored to include WiFi, up to 36MP sensor, articulated screen, and 5-axis image stabilization.

First Sony NEX-9 specs show up online with 5-axis IS and big-megapixel sensors

Furthermore, it has been discovered that the design is inspired by the NEX-7, while its retail name might be NEX-9. These reports are unconfirmed, but in the meantime a Sony NEX-9 specs list has showed up online, revealing some of the digital camera’s possible specs.

A source confirms that the NEX-FF will have a similar design to that of the NEX-7. However, the new model is 15% bigger and 20% heavier. As for the image sensor, there are three units under testing, including 24, 32, and 36-megapixel versions. The former two are the most likely candidates as the 24MP one provides vivid colors and great ISO performance, while the 32MP one offers accuracy and speed.

One of the certainties is the presence of in-camera 5-axis image stabilization technology. The system will offer up to 4 or 5 f-stops more light, which should improve the device’s capabilities in low-light conditions.

Sony designed new OLED EVF just for the NEX full frame camera

Moving away from the sensor, it appears that the Sony NEX full frame camera will sport a 1,400-point AF system with enhanced metering modes. Photographers will be able to shoot photos at a maximum 12 frames per second, though a “mega fast mode” might be added to provide up to 14fps.

Lensmen will also benefit from a large buffer, which is said to measure more than 1GB. Framing the shots will be a joy as the company has designed a brand new OLED electronic viewfinder and added it into the NEX-9.

The maximum shutter speed will stand at 1/4000th of a second. If there is not enough light on the scene, users will be able to illuminate it with the help of a brand new pop-up flash.

Say “hello!” to WiFi and tilting screen

The leaked Sony NEX-9 specs list says that the camera has improved video capabilities. Photographers will be able to frame their movies on a 3-inch articulated screen. It is unclear whether it will be touch-based or not, but do not be surprised if it is.

Since most today’s cameras come with this technology, the E-mount full frame shooter will feature built-in WiFi. It will allow users to transfer their files to an Android or iOS mobile device with ease.

The PlayStation maker will release the camera in two colors, black and gray and an adapter for A-mount lenses might be supplied as well. This is just a rumor so you can be pretty doubtful about it, but the good thing is that the device is coming in mid-October.

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