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Sony NEX-FF and Sony NEX-APS-C announcement on October 16


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Announcement date for Sony NEX-FF and Sony NEX-APS-C revealed

There are plenty of rumors about an imminent launch of a couple of NEX mirrorless digital cameras from Sony. Now a reliable source reveals the announcement date as October 16.

sony-nex-ff Sony NEX-FF and Sony NEX-APS-C announcement on October 16 Rumors

Sony NEX-FF and Sony NEX-APS-C to be announced both on October 16, according to rumors.

Two new cameras to be announced, one for the high-end and another for the low-end market

Sony is poised to release a couple of new digital cameras in the NEX family. They are dubbed by the rumor mill as Sony NEX-FF and Sony NEX-APS-C. While both of them are supposed to be based on the NEX-7 design, the first one is expected to feature a full frame sensor, which is a new for the NEX line. The first camera will be aimed at the high-end market. The other camera, more in the NEX tradition, will have an APS-C image sensor and will be less expensive.

Now the rumors say both these cameras are to be announced simultaneously at an event taking place “around” October 16. This may be timezone dependent, so from the western point of view, the event can happen on October 15. This is supported by a leak at the public Indonesian agency Postel, where the two cameras, NEX-FF and NEX-APS-C are believed to be listed as “WW328261” and “WW328262”, respectively.

Sony NEX-FF full frame mirrorless camera expected to be released

So far, this seems to contradict a previous rumor about the upcoming of both Sony NEX cameras and having full frame sensors, with one of them being targeted at the high-end and the other at the low-end market. The contradiction makes speculations on prices and features uncertain. Still, the announcement dates are converging. the old rumors were locating the dates loosely in October, while the new rumor gives a firm date, October 16.

The NEX line from Sony consists of a range of mirrorless cameras and camcorders, all of them having in common the use of the E-mount lens mount system. So far, full frame sensors were used only for a single camcorder from the entire line, while all the photo cameras and most of the camcorders used APS-C sensors.

There are less than a couple of weeks left until we will have the final verdict. Then we will learn what surprises Sony has for us. However, very likely, at least one of those cameras is going to be a full frame mirrorless camera. We will also see how the new camera stands versus the full frame DSLRs from Canon and Nikon. This camera is also expected to bring serious competition in features and price.

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