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Sony NEX-FF camera announcement date is September 24


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The announcement date of the alleged Sony NEX full frame camera has fallen into the hands of the rumor mill, which says that everything is happening on September 24.

Sony will introduce its first photography-bound NEX camera with a full frame image sensor by the end of this year. E-mount lenses will gain FF compatibility, but new units will be announced alongside the camera.

sony-e-mount-lenses Sony NEX-FF camera announcement date is September 24 Rumors

All E-mount lenses will be supported by the upcoming Sony NEX-FF camera, whose announcement is slated for September 24. However, the optics will function in crop mode.

Sony NEX-FF camera announcement date allegedly occurring on September 24

The purported Sony NEX-FF camera announcement date has been scheduled for September 24. The device should have been revealed in August, but new information suggests that the launch event has been delayed.

Either way, the outcome will be the same, as Sony NEX-FF will become the company’s first E-mount shooter in the world with a full frame image sensor.

Zeiss to launch at least two E-mount lenses for full frame sensors

Although all current NEX lenses will be supported, the camera will function in crop mode. Beside new Sony lenses, Zeiss will be welcomed to the party as well and it will bring a couple of its high quality optics.

Their features are unknown, but a zoom and a prime will definitely be there to serve different purposes. The new E-mount camera and lenses will all become available sometime in October 2013.

Sony to add 5-axis on-sensor IS technology from Olympus into NEX-FF camera

The Sony NEX-FF camera specs will include 5-axis on-sensor image stabilization technology. This feature will be borrowed from Olympus, becoming the first good thing out of the two companies’ partnership.

The PlayStation maker will provide image sensors to the Micro Four Thirds adopter, while Olympus will ship other technologies, such as on-sensor IS and even its JPEG engine.

Sony NEX-FF camera might retail for a price over $3,000

Sony will sell the E-mount full frame camera for a price higher than $3,000. It may sound like a high amount, but it is worth noting that the RX1-R can be pre-ordered for $2,798 at Amazon.

The new RX1-R features a 24-megapixel full frame sensor without an optical low-pass filter, 3-inch LCD screen, full HD video recording, and a fixed 35mm f/2 lens.

The ability to change lenses will definitely come at a cost, but the truth will be heard on September 24. That is the date when we will know whether the NEX-FF will be more expensive than the RX1-R.

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