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Sony NEX full frame camera price to be bigger than $3,000


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The Sony NEX full frame camera price has been leaked on the web, along with information about two new E-mount lenses manufactured by Zeiss.

Sony will launch a NEX full frame camera in the near future. All E-mount lenses will be supported by the device, but there is a problem: they have been built for APS-C sensors. Taking photos with these lenses on a FF sensor will come with an important trade-off as the resolution will most likely be decreased.

sony-nex-5n Sony NEX full frame camera price to be bigger than $3,000 Rumors

Sony NEX-5N is an APS-C E-mount camera. In the near future, a sibling with a full frame image sensor will be launched along with two Zeiss lenses. Although better, the new E-mount shooter will be expensive as it will allegedly cost more than $3,000.

Zeiss to launch two E-mount full frame lenses for the NEX FF camera

This means that the Japan-based company must release new lenses especially built for full frame image sensors. Long-time partner, Zeiss, will join the ride, sources say. Two new FF E-mount optics are in the works and they will be released along with the apparatus.

Zeiss’ pair of glasses will consist of a prime lens and a zoom lens. Although their focal lengths are currently unknown, potential buyers should be aware that they will be very expensive, as most of the company’s products.

The gossip talk does not have any specifics, as the people familiar with the matter have revealed only the fact that photographers will have to dig deep into their pockets to get their hands on the lenses.

Sony NEX full frame camera price rumored to be bigger than $3,000

The amount required for the two optics is not the single troublesome thing. According to inside sources, the Sony NEX full frame camera price will be bigger than $3,000.

Such price would be of concern for most photographers. However, Sony thinks it can pull this off, since the RX1 is doing well, while the Leica M, one of the few potential competitors, costs more than $5,000.

The RX1 and the RX1R are available for a little under $3,000. Both have full frame image sensors and the only difference between them is that the latter does not have an anti-aliasing filter. However, they are cameras with fixed lenses, so the mirrorless interchangeable lens status will come at a cost.

Although the new shooter will be released on the market in 2014, it appears that the announcement event will take place by the end of 2013, so curious onlookers should stay tuned.

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